Falling Into Oblivion Book 1: Falling

Falling Into Oblivion Book 1: Falling

Ok I was bored and I started writing the prologue to this story. Whether or not I post the rest of the chapters I will post the prologue to the story ;). I would appreciate if you comment your opinions on the story. I am planning to make this into a book one day..after a lot of editing..it may be a trilogy and if so the names would be Book 1: Falling, Book 2: Oblivion(though I'm not sure yet) and Book 3: Afternath. Anyways, Thank You! ~Crimson

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Falling into Oblivion [Book 1] Falling


Ever since 2020, this world has been in chaos. The government went corrupt turning a blind eye on the crimes these days. Most people  are too naive to see or are afraid of what could happen if they rebel against the rules. A new disease was found with no cure so exactly What happened in 2020 you may ask? Well a scientist by the name of Prof. Derrick Rogers had made a breakthrough in DNA. He found a way to create things with it from nothing. Derrick tested it and tried it with simpler things such as a frog. It went fine but then he tried it on a corpse..Everything fell to pieces. The corpse came to life like a zombie. However it was smarter and actually wasn't brainless. No one knew of the creature until someone at the lab snapped a photo of it. The person and the professor were never seen since that day. They could be dead,or even in hiding, who knows? Anyways after that more of those..things..seemed to be created. The war started when they started attacking innocent families...well..Thats the said story.

Anyways My name is Reyna Scarlett or Ray for my close friends. I'm 18 and part of The Resistance,Branch one, Unit one and the assassination division. I have been in The Resistance ever since I was thirteen.I was considered a prodigy and rose through the ranks quickly and now a trusted friend to Alexa and Marcus or Solaria and Lunaris as there codenames go. Me? My codename is Fox, because of the fact that my personality matches the said animal as I am sly,cunning devious yet deadly. I also wear a crimson red mask shaped and painted to look like a fox when on missions
I do not recall my past nor my parents, all i remember is that my father died when i was young and my mother was killed by 'The Walking Dead' as we called them-yes we did reference the show- and that Solaria and Lunaris saved me. However I have a secret. I was born as a gifted. One of those fabled beings in legends who had the ability to control energy and create things out of nothing- similar to what the scientist did with DNA- except we had control over it. The things created were the color of our souls aura. We also had a side ability special to us and could control our element.

You would be able to tell if one was gifted by the fact that when experiencing a large amount of any emotion a surge of power -the color depending on the color of our souls aura- would happen and our eyes would change to silvery gold as well as a mark on either our right or left shoulder, the side of our neck or the side of our waist would suddenly appear glowing. Depending on that mark depends on what our souls aura and said element is. The elements are Fire,Earth,Water,Wind,Light,Dark and Arcane. Light and Dark are uncommon and Arcane well..only one person hs been said to be arcane and that was the first gifted. There is no solid proof of that fact or even if Arcane exists. When the mark appears our powers start to show. This happened when I was
6, in 2008, when my father died.

My soul aura is apparently a fiery red. From that fact my element should be obvious, yep you guessed it. My element is fire which explains why after that surge my eyes turned fiery red as well as my hair turned red. My side ability allowed me to grow black angel wings and use dark powers. My best friend (other then Alexa/Alex and Marcus/Marc) was a girl named Saphira Night. She had beautiful sapphire eyes and electric blue hair which really stood out. Saphira or Raven-her codename- was also my teammate. Our teamwork was flawless and we seemed to know what the other was going to do before they actually realized it. We were a prodigal pair almost better then the leaders. Due to constantly being around each other she was more like a older sister to me -  she recently turned 20- then a teammate or comrade. Raven was also gifted -in fact the entire unit one was which is why we stuck together as we were like a giant family at times- her ability was being able to grow angel wings and also use light powers. We were opposites in personality,powers and most things yet we worked so well together. She was the light in the dark.

Anyways unit one was a specialized unit for the gifted as we normally turned out stronger then the rest. We also had our own symbol which normally we could combine with our partners. My symbol was a circle with a thorny rose in the middle and Saphiras was a simple pentagram. Our combined one was my circle with the pentagram in the middle and the rose in the background. Alex's was a swirly sun thing and Marc had a crescent moon. Combined it was the sun with the crescent moon thus creating a kind of eclipse. Obviously Alexa controlled light while Marcus the dark. I forgot to mention as well was being the leaders they were also brother and sister.
Also did I mention that the government was kind of after all gifted? They try to capture us in which they then proceed to cut us open or experiment to try to find what makes us tick.

Life is hard with the fact that we have to deal with keeping our powers a secret as if most people found out we would be called freaks, the government would then try to capture us and it would be harder to make a living . Then again life is never easy or fair. The world is cruel and you have to learn to defend yourself. The strong prey on the weak. Its a game of life or death nowadays. Some people can't cope with the stress so they commit suicide..actually i probably would of too years ago if I had not met Alexa and Marcus... The countdown begun once the accident occurred... The world and humanity...we are all falling slowly into Oblivion. Who knows what will happen..if we survive or not.Its too late to stop it but we can hope for the best.For now we need to live our life's to the fullest. I made a vow to myself that no matter what..no matter how deep we dig..I will never...EVER..Give up. No matter how many more deaths occur..I will keep fighting..To The Very End.

Heres the prologue! Please comment,rate and maybe favourite. ^.^ ~Crimson
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