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Pseudo Pleasure
An insecure, yet carefree young man goes to live in a share-house. The other 4 residents(not including the owner) are all females. Not to mention that place can get a little weird... Seriously it's creeping me out! This ecchi-h...
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Charming Jenny
A girl is hypnotized by a psychologist, and becomes a different person.
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Guardian's Flame.
Please read. In a world where society is differentt, and universal, humans posses magic, and the strong rule a this fantasy comedy focuses on a group lead by an very strong female protagonist. New chapter will be put out on a r...
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Creepypasta: Little sister
A story about a girl who takes extreme measures to keep thing the way they are "supposed to be". Formatted as a note to whoever finds it explaining the situation, and why she did what she did. Creepy part comes after a couple c...
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It's Growing Colder
A young woman part of a pioneer group tries to make change, and is gravely punished, just as her father was...
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Creepypasta series: Spirit Maiden
An ongoing creepypasta about a girl who can morph into her spirit animal. I don't know much about creepypasta, but I really wanted to write one
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Journey through Darkness
A story based on a comic book I wrote. 4 Teenage girls in a magical land travel through the land, and deal with life. It gets pretty dark at times.
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Regular show: Real life in the park
A Regular Show parody based on reality tv. I also made a Spongebob one. New chapters will come out every so often.
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The Visitors
A teenage girl suddenly developes the ability to see, and talk to ghosts. She learns she has several ghosts living in her house. This is part of an ongoing series to continue for a while.
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Taking over
In a post-apocalyptic world were gangs compete for authority a teenage girl decides to join the fight to become the dictator of her country. She has to build a gang, and compete against other gangs in a world full of violence, ...
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Fan Fiction:   Real Life In Bikini Bottom
A fan fiction about a reality show in Bikini Bottom (From SpongeBob). The main cast, supporting characters, and side character's lives are explored. It may seem silly but, this *Real life in bikini bottom*! Series narrated by P...
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Mystic Charm
This is an ongoing chapter Fantasy Story involving magic, and more. This tells the quest of 'angels', which in this story are female mages. It has romance, drama, and action. I've drawn it in a manga like style, but I'm convert...
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Just An Outcast's Diary
Sierra, a teenage girl who is very different from everyone else, and of course hates it writes about her life in this chapter series. Be sure to check out my other stories Lucky star, and Out Of The Dark.
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Out Of The Dark
Mira doesn't know what to do, she feels so in the dark, after all is said, and done who will be the one... This is a chapter story with romance, adventure, and many more with a lot of thought put into it, hope you enjoy. Thanks...
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