Regular show: Real life in the park

Regular show: Real life in the park

A Regular Show parody based on reality tv. I also made a Spongebob one. New chapters will come out every so often.

published on July 22, 20154 reads 2 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Going out of town part 1

   I'm Mordecai, and this is Rigby.-- Points to Rigby-- We work at the park it's pretty lame.  
   Mordecai: "Dude how many views did we get?"
   Rigby: "Man we only got 5! Muscle Man's vine got like 20!"  
   Mordecai: " I just want to quit this job, and make vines for a living".
   Benson: "Get up, and get me a whole wheat donut"!
   Rigby: "You mean a bagel?"
   Benson: "Ugh! @$#&! No! A donut!
   Mordecai: "Fine..." -- gets up --
   -- At the donut shop --
   Rigby: "Can I get a whole wheat donut?"
   Cashier: "Man, we don't serve no bagels. Eat a donut"!
   Mordecai: " No a whole wheat donut"...
   Cashier: "I said we dont serve... No bagel"!
   Rigby: " Listen dude don't you know who I am? I'm Rigg-bo a star on vine". -- Looks smug --
   Cashier: "Man I ain't never heard of you. Now order a donut before I get mad".
   Mordecai: "Let's go... Out of town!"
-- Dramatic Effect --
   Cashier: " You better hope you go outta town you ain't gettin' none of these donuts. Oh wait Ya'll want a bagel". -- laughs smugly --
   Rigby: "Dude that sucked"...
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Beautiful 👌👏
on September 14, 2018