Pseudo Pleasure

Pseudo Pleasure

An insecure, yet carefree young man goes to live in a share-house. The other 4 residents(not including the owner) are all females. Not to mention that place can get a little weird... Seriously it's creeping me out! This ecchi-harem/comedy/mystery may seem cliche, but it may surprise you. Please forgive me for any grammar mistakes, and comment below who you ship the mc with. I will update a lot.

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Chapter 1.

What is going on?

My name is Keith Macmillan, I'm 18, and just got accepted into a college. It's not the highest ranking one, but I don't care. A degree is a degree, and not many colleges would take me anyway. My grades are a little below average, but in the long-run it doesn't matter. Everything was going great. I had a friendly, polite roommate. His name was Nick Lovefield. He had dim, brown eyes, and sleek black hair, that seemed to represent intelligence. He had the potential to be the best friend, I've never had.
He was neat, and tidy. We shared common interests, and had pleasant chats, every day, for the first month that I was there. He always went to bed early. Usually he was in bed by 9:00 P.M. I found it odd, but I thought "He's just a good, diligent student". Last night, it was 10:00 P.M, he wasn't in bed. He was in the bathroom. I walked past there, but stopped when I heard a ghastly groan. The bathroom door was cracked, just barely, like it was meant to be shut, but just wasn't.
Nick was twitching. I thought he was in the middle of a really intense jerk off session,but apparently not. He practically threw himself against the bathroom wall, before roughly opening the door. He looked shocked to see me. "Keith"! He shouted nervously, in an unusually sly, and slightly deeper voice. I was so shaken, and baffled all I could mutter was "U-um hi". He looked at me, and smiled. not with his usual charismatic smile, but with a somehow crooked smile.
"Why are you nervous"? He asked. I quickly replied "I was just surprised to see you". "That's right"... He said before fully exiting the bathroom. He glared at me, and asked "There's a party tonight, want to come"? I was so happy this was my first invite to a party. What will a college party be like? Will I find a girlfriend? Will I get totally wasted? I'm not sure.
I accepted the invitation, and he told me "Come on, we'll walk together". Nick was usually she, and never really left the dorm, so I was surprised. I replied with a weak "A-alright". "Don't be afraid"... He said opening the door for me. "W-wait"! I shouted. "Am I supposed to just wear normal clothes"? He chuckled. "Yeah, it's just a little college party". I felt relieved. I thought that I liked that Nick better, than the one I've always seen. However, why was he acting like this does he transform at night. Was his nerdy look, and behavior just an act.
I'll probably never know. I don't remember anything else that happened that night, but I woke up this morning, hungover, to find out that that I've been expelled. As I'm packing my stuff Nick asks me "Why were you expelled"? I sighed "I don't know, but I went to a party last night... I remember any details, but that probably has something to with it". He looked down. "Goodbye". He said. "Call me when you get to wherever you'll be living... I still want to be friends".
I smiled. I was glad someone actually wanted to be my friend. 'Thanks, I will, don't worry we'll still be friends, we just won't be roommates". We both chuckled. "I'd better be off to class". He said. I continued packing the little items that I had. The other day I saw a share-house with rooms available I figured I'd check that out. I left the dorm, and drove to the share-house. It was big, but it looked old. I knocked on the door. I short, old, Asian man opened the door.
"Hello, what can I do for you"? He asked. He had a thick accent, I think it's Japanese. "I heard there are rooms available here"... I told him. "Oh, oh, there are, please, come into my office. He lead me into a small room in the very back of the building. "Sit, sit". He said patting a pillow that was on the tatami floor. Confused, I sat on the pillow. He sat across from me with a coffee table in between us. "I'm Kenta Yamaguchi, owner of this share-house". He said with a kind smile. "Interesting place you've got". I told him, still looking around the room. "Yes, this is a Japanese style share-house.
"How much will rent be"? "100 dollars a month". I grinned. "Wow! That cheap, you're an angel sir". The old man smiled "I keep it cheap so troubled kids can afford here. I like to help them". "When can I move in"? I ask. He replied "Anytime". "Today". "Sure"! I sat there with a huge smile on my face. "I'll go get my things". I said. Kenta grabbed my arm. "Wait"! He said. "Let me tell you about the four other residents.
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