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School legends
Remember that weird myth you heard as a rumour? Post it here! Or laugh at how some people actually believe these things. Enjoy!
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Teenager Posts! :D
For those awesome Teenager Posts you have no idea where to put! :D Enjoy!
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Writers of the Round Table
Welcome all writers! Here, you can post your story, get reviews, story ideas, editors, co-writers, and enter contests!
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The Writers Page!
Hey.. are you a writer that has recently wrote a story and you want people to read it or do you want to discuss your favourite author's books? Anything to do with writing is aproved here! I ♥ Writing! :)
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Creepy high
you have been accepted into creepy high the high school for the children of the creepy pasta people
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This is where you can post videos of you doing voices of famous characters. I can do Doctor Zoidberg, Stitch, Stewie Griffin, Laughing Jack, The Observer, the Surprise Motherf*cker guy, Shrek, a Scottish man and a British man....
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Random Interesting Facts About Yourself
Welcome to the page! On this page you can post random interesting facts about yourself. So yeah... enjoy.
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Hilarious Youtube Videos
Find a funny Youtube video? Then post it here! Any videos welcomed, as long as it`s okay for kids as young as 13!
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Qfeast Prom (1)
Ralph: omigawsh hai! i no dere wuz qfest pram a wile agoe bu dis mi on vurjen. Vot mi 4 pram kig! <3 Translation: Oh my gosh hi! I know there was a Qfeast prom a while ago, but this is my own version. Vote me for prom king! <3
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Type your name backwards (there will be a funny result)
So for example Sally would be Yllas! Its so frickin rainbows weird, right. Try it! It could be your new code name.
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Crazy and Funny!
The most hilarious, amazing, crazy and weird photos / memes you know! powered by Qfeast Community! Is time to have one very big page focused on crazy and funny stuff on Qfeast. Upload as many as possible funny photos and memes...
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13+ Page
*WARNING I am not liable for any content not uploaded by me. If someone under 13 sees this content, it is entirely their fault. Here's the warning, now you can't complain.
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The funniest quote ever! Mine is: After Tuesday, even the calendar goes wtf
Lol, so much fun, stupidity and sadness. Post funny, random, or sad quotes.
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Take a terrible selfie of your pet!
So super swag you'll love it, because my cat definitely does! Free selfie with her!
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Video Game page
Post anything about the video games in my page. Post anything about it, just lots of words of video games!
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Steven Universe Fan Club!
Have you been a fan of Steven Universe but never get a chance to share what you think about Steven Universe or ideas or anything like that about Steven Universe? Well then, this is the place for you! This is where all Steven Un...
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tick the fangirl off
Lets play a game its called. "Tick the fangirl off" You will get three coments please go ahead try it ~ STOLEN AND CHANGED~
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Le spy page
well we are spies and we need new members. Are you to the challenge? If so like this page, and you will be given your task.
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Ultimate Youtubepoop page!
Do you like Youtube poops? Aren't they funny? In this page, you can post the funniest ones yet and talk about them!
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The Stupidest Things
Has anyone said something so stupid that you laughed your head off? Or did they say some name of something and you had to tell them over and over how to pronounce it and they still get it wrong? Then post it here!
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