Charming Jenny

Charming Jenny

A girl is hypnotized by a psychologist, and becomes a different person.

published on May 27, 20160 reads 0 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

My last day part 1

I went out to my dad's car, regretting my life. It was a new expensive model. The car not my life! My mom looked at me with soft, and sad eyes. "Just get in the car sweetie"... She said. I did so. The ride to school is about 10 minutes. I manage my time wisely on the ride. At least I think so I do absolutely nothing. Time will go slower the less fun you have. After a very short 10 minutes I was at school, in front of the building.
   I was confronted by my friend Daisy. Her real name is Melon, but she tells all the teachers to call her Daisy. She got the nickname in 2nd grade. She was the new girl, who moved in the middle of the school year. She was nicknamed Daisy because she wore extremely short shorts that day... She did every day after that as well.
   Her mom is an alcoholic, and has been as long as Daisy could remember. One day back in third grade we were at her house, and Daisy asked her mom why she named her Melon. The story was her mom, June was drunk out of her mind, and had no idea what was going on when she had Daisy. When th doctor asked what June wanted to name the child she yelled out "Melon!".
   Daisy had an odd appearance to match the odd backstory. She had strawberry blonde hair in waves that came down to her shoulder blade, and green-ish eyes. Well...Her eyes changed from blue, to hazel, to green, but they were mostly green. She was wearing very short shorts, and a rainbow striped loose tank top. She was very slim, and pretty much flat, front, and back.
   We walked in together. A few girls in a circle whispered "Look it's the sulking loser, with that "Daisy" chick". While giggling, looking like idiots... To me. I hated them, and the other little cliques around school. The were unnecessarily mean, and really stupid. At least they looked, and acted stupid. I don't know how intelligent they are on the inside. After a while school was out.
   Why does everyone tease me? Why are they so cruel? Why does being cruel bring them joy? I've almost always hated my life, and myself. Most people go hate themselves as teenagers, but I started when I was a little kid. If only that made me feel special. My mom picked me up from school, and it was a silent ride home. Only silent the way home... Me, and mom let the car. 'What's wrong sweetie"? She asked. I could tell she cared so I told her. "I hate my life, my self, and I want to die".
   My mom was silent, and left the room.
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