Mystic Charm

Mystic Charm

This is an ongoing chapter Fantasy Story involving magic, and more. This tells the quest of 'angels', which in this story are female mages. It has romance, drama, and action. I've drawn it in a manga like style, but I'm converting it to stories for Qfeast.

published on April 07, 20159 reads 6 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Meet the main characters.

Meet the main characters. 18 year old girls, with magical abilities.  One of our main characters is Mei. she looks Asian, with long black hair which she wears down, and dark blue eyes, and is strong-willed, yet kind of quirky. Her power comes from emotion, and feeling.
Ami has a ponytail of long blond hair, and hazel eyes. She's charismatic, yet sassy. Her power is from fire.
Mariah has long orange hair which she wears down, and bright green eyes. Her power is from nature.
Cassadee has pinkish-red hair in two pig tails, and eyes yellow like a cat's. she is secretive, and very clever.  Her power is telepathic, with psychic, and spiritual origins.
Kara is a confident, and adventurous tomboy with long sand-brown hair in a low ponytail, with aqua eyes. Her power is from illusions, and shadows.
Melodie has long, wavy, bright blond hair. It's down with a small part off to the side in a pony tail. She has purple eyes, and is sweet, girly, and naïve. Her power comes from love, and harmony.
Erika has long, dark brown hair, and is outgoing, and bold. Her power is from inner strength.
Meicee has long dark blue hair that gently flows. She is free-spirited, and mellow. Her power comes from oceans.
Brittanie's power comes from the moon. She has dark purple hair in pig tails, and has moon shaped barrettes on them. She is mysterious, yet kind.
Stiecy is bright, and cheery. She has long Blond hair worn down. Her power is of solar origins.
Lastly Kethie  is mysterious, secretive, and very smart. She has light reddish-brown shoulder length hair. Her power is spiritual.
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Comments (1)

Its a really cool story (story tip...hope you dont mind... your charaters are super well developed, but try working on the ebb and flow of the story plot and story details)
on April 08, 2015