Just An Outcast's Diary

Sierra, a teenage girl who is very different from everyone else, and of course hates it writes about her life in this chapter series. Be sure to check out my other stories Lucky star, and Out Of The Dark.

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Chapter 1.


Sierra's Diary September 20,
    School started last month, so I decided to write my misery down somewhere, and that's what a diary's for so okay.... I just started 9th grade at Anderson World High School, I didn't like Jr.high, elementary, or preschool so you can guess how much 'fun' this'll be. I never have fit in, and I have wanted to since 4th grade when popularity became a thing, and harshly divided everyone just like that. Pretty amazing what a nonexistent value can change, especially in such a short time. Even before popularity comes about there have always been a few outcast kids in school, and I was always one, and I don't know why. All the other outcasts were gross, or just plain weird, but I was perfectly normal, but they just didn't like me. Kids can be so cruel. Scratch that, not just kids, all humans can be so cruel.
So I'm going to school right now, thank goodness I don't have to ride the nut house they call the school bus. I had an uninspiring morning of hitting snooze twice, and rushing to get dressed, and everything. Now I'm at school in my home room. Nothing much happening just the normal stupid school things some people do while Ms.Karrton just sits at her desk pretending to be comfortable, maybe she's even in a whole other place, mentally. The bell just rang.
9:30 A.M
            Kassandra the school's most popular girl was standing by me for some reason. According to a lot of the guys at this school she's hot. Let me just say what I see. Kassandra is medium height, with seemingly bubbly shoulder length golden blond hair, evil turquoise eyes, a literally 'killer' smile, and lot's of expensive, and lets just say not modest clothes, and that perfume it smells pretty nice, but if you're unpopular it'll choke you. That perfume seems to work that way. I may not like her, but somehow I admire her too. It's complicated. I want to be popular like her, and even hang out with her, I seem to contradict myself in my mind. All she did was cut in front of me, not try to say anything. "Get back, that's my spot". I hissed knowing I'd have to be mean, and shown her I wasn't scared, and hide my inner admiration. "Excuse me looks like some tacky little wannabe is hassling me ". Kassandra hissed back twice as mean. I was upset, I felt like I was going to cry, but I just stood there, not looking at her nasty smirk any longer.
     Lunch time started 10 minutes ago. I grabbed a turkey sandwich, an orange juice, a cheese stick, and a candy bar. I looked to sit down. The cafeteria had a TON of people in it, I didn't know where to sit.         I only have one friend, Anna who had lunch at a different time. I have no where to really sit. I saw Kassandra, and some friends sitting at one table so I went over to sit.....
        Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, please comment, and tell me what you think.
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