Guardian's Flame.

Guardian's Flame.

Please read. In a world where society is differentt, and universal, humans posses magic, and the strong rule a this fantasy comedy focuses on a group lead by an very strong female protagonist. New chapter will be put out on a regular basis. Has lots of action (violence),.and a slow.paced.romance.

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Chapter 1.


In this world all cultures are the same. The is no real government, and no laws. Everyone possesses magic powers, but are limited to one element. People's power, and defense are ranked from 1-20 at birth by pure.luck, and cannot be changed. Who decides? God. Most people with a power rank of 13 or above form a group, and protect weaker people(similar to a pimp). The people under protection provide some sort of service. To make a group you must apply, and send your application to an arena, and you will receive  a thick, gold wristband (worn by the leader), and several silver wristbands for the people you lead.
There are 4 elements fire, ice, lightning, and darkness. Each element has several family lines, except for fire which only has 2 family lines. One of the those lines is peace-loving (the kompzon family line), while the other is violent(the Flariot family line), and has an enemy with all the ice family lines.
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