Taking over

In a post-apocalyptic world were gangs compete for authority a teenage girl decides to join the fight to become the dictator of her country. She has to build a gang, and compete against other gangs in a world full of violence, and crime.

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Chapter 1.


   A few years after our time a war between all the nations broke out. You could call it world war 3, but it was nothing like WW1, and WW2. It wreaked havoc everywhere. Governments, and economies fell. Cities, towns, and villages were either destroyed, or be came gang territory. It wasn't a war between nations. It was a war between gangs all over the world. Some gangs ruled countries, while others just ruled alley ways. The gangs all fought for authority, wanting their leader to become the dictator.
   The world was a dark place. Many lost their homes, and the ones who had a house, apartment, etc. didn't live in very good conditions either.  Lucy, age 17 wanted to become the dictator. However, she was thin, short, and didn't have a gang to fight with her, and form her party. Lucy wears a pitch black, mid-thigh length coat-dress, and black, calf high boots.  She lives in what used to be southern France, but is now called Arche (Arch- A) territory. The Arche took control of southern France  around 5 years ago in ending a brutal gang war, making the area the most peaceful in Europe. The area was not peaceful, but it was a lot safer than the surrounding areas. The false security attracted many refugees to the area, but the wise knew it was only time before the peace came to an end....
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This is really good.
on May 28, 2015