Creepypasta: Little sister

A story about a girl who takes extreme measures to keep thing the way they are "supposed to be". Formatted as a note to whoever finds it explaining the situation, and why she did what she did. Creepy part comes after a couple chapters.

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Before her birth

Dear whoever finds this,
It was 3 months after my tenth birthday. My mom told me she was pregnant. (The father was my stepdad Kyle who had taken my mother's hand in marriage 3 years ago. They acted odd, or so it seemed, maybe all parents aced like this when expecting an additional child. They both told me over, and over that they loved me a lot, and would not love the baby more than me, and would not love me any less when the baby came. 
   How stupid they acted like I was a little kid. I was already ten! I knew this. Besides they adored me, more than anything else, even life itself. How many times has mom cried, and told me she loved me the most, and I was all she needed? How many times has Kyle expressed how happy he was to have me as his new daughter, or called me the "daughter of his dreams"? Too many to count. Love like that can't be faked, lost, or beaten by anything else. 
   It was Saturday. Mom takes me out to dinner every Saturday. "Sweetie don't worry even when the new baby comes Saturday is ours". It felt good to hear that even though I doubted the baby could change anything around here. I was the favorite, the princess, the angel, the precious jewel, and anything else better than the inferior creature this baby was. At school I was the top student. I was great at every sport, could sing good, and excelled in art. Nobody could beat me there especially this baby who I had ten years on, and probably had an IQ of -10 compared to me.
   After dinner Kyle greeted me, and my mom with loving arms, and said "Angela, sweetie, I have a gift for you". He held out a small white box. I opened it, and held up a charm bracelet made of silver. "Here are your charms honey". Kyle said. "A halo because your're my angle, a graduation hat because you always make the honor roll, a star because I don't need to explain, and a heart that says "Big Sister". "Thank you, it's great". I joyfully exclaimed whole putting the charms on the bracelet...
   9 months later... Mom just gave birth to a baby girl! It's name was Marrie.  It was fat, pink, and had tons of visible veins. It had a clump of dirty blonde hair that didn't seem... Alive. Finally it had dead, dull eyes the color of a disgusting, filthy pond. (I call the baby "it" because I feel that's the best title it can ever hope to deserve.
   This caught mom, and Kyle by surprise... Somehow. It's been 9 months, and all the baby has is two distracted parents, and a sister who blew it out of the water. Kyle went out, and bought a crib, clothes, diapers, bottles, and baby formula. How pathetic they barely thought of her. Too bad she never knew the mom, and dad of right now. If she did I wouldn't have to remind here of her place... To be continued soon.
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