Out Of The Dark

Out Of The Dark

Mira doesn't know what to do, she feels so in the dark, after all is said, and done who will be the one... This is a chapter story with romance, adventure, and many more with a lot of thought put into it, hope you enjoy. Thanks to all my followers, and viewers.

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Chapter 1.

Get to know Mira

Mira Ferton was a young woman, 18 years old . She was  harsh, arrogant, and rude, sounds pretty typical right? Wrong! If only anyone actually knew Mira, well besides her dead grandmother.  Mira had long shiny black hair, she was white, had blue eyes, and was average height. She was charming, in a dark, deceiving, untrustworthy sort of way, but once you actually met her that charm pretty much went straight out of the picture, and she had no remorse  for her actions. Bless her parents, Richard, and Kim Ferton they were always good to the girl, with lot's of toys, and treats. She was nice, and sweet as  a little girl, but when she became a preteen all that changed        .                                                
Back when Mira was eleven she became depressed, and the endless misery grew to rage, ad it overwhelmed her. Happiness was truly a foreign feeling, she preferred the quiet, relaxing air  in her room. Her parents felt bad for her, and were concerned. Psychologists, medication, nothing helped, but medication, and such doesn't fix what you're depressed about. Mira instead of being the sad, mopey, poor girl she was, she turned into a person with no care for others. Her parents were constant victims of her rude talking, and she  was really lost inside, and was agitated by everything. She was feared at school, because she was constantly enraged. Finally her anger, and sadness wore down at age 12 , and she became mentally stable once again .                                                                                                                                
Within 2 months her Grandma Gina passing away, and watched over Mira long after. Mira's grandma was one of the closest people to her, and Mira didn't trust a lot of people. Mira entered the phases of depression for a  month, then got enraged again, this time angry at the world, she had to face without her grandma, she already could barely handle every day life. The poor girl was always deep in thought in her room. A news story came on TV it was about the case of the murder of Gina Ferton. Mira's hears practically jumped out of her head, and onto the TV. The bright, looking news lady looked like she was faking sorrow, and Mira caught onto it good.

"Now a suspect was found lurking into the unlocked back door over the metal fence, and looks like the suspect took quite the bruising from it too.  We found some of the victims blood in the kitchen near the table, and a hair belonging to a man with a striking resemblance to the suspect". The rest of the story dragged on, reapeting itself quite a bit, but every suspenseful minute locked in Mira's attention. Her mom walked in, and saw Mira watching the news story, and went over to comfort her. Mira was not rude, or aggressive towards her mom, she let her mom caress her, and Mira felt a little better, but was seething with rage, at the murderer of her grandma....                 
That's chapter one. Hope you enjoyed
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Loved it!
on May 01, 2015