Out Of The Dark

Out Of The Dark

Mira doesn't know what to do, she feels so in the dark, after all is said, and done who will be the one... This is a chapter story with romance, adventure, and many more with a lot of thought put into it, hope you enjoy. Thanks to all my followers, and viewers.

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Chapter 2.

Fateful Encounters

Mira is currently nineteen, and she's going to an out of state college. Mira didn't really want to go to college, but she knew how bad her parents felt, and they've always  wanted her to go. Her parents drove her to a college in Texas, which was far from her previous home in Illinois. On campus Mira's parents said goodbye, and with a great sadness drove off. The minute they stepped into the car they felt  so far a!way. Mira was already overwhelmed  by the people there, she didn't know what to do.
A young woman the same age as Mira approached her. She had medium length shiny, golden blond hair, and bright green eyes, and had a big, happy smile. "She looks alright" thought Mira. "Hey I'm Kassandra, and you are?" said the blond haired girl. "Oh, I'm um...Mira". "You look lost, it's okay let me show you to the dorms". Offered Kassandra. "Um...Okay...Mira unsurely said. "Oh, we're roommates"! Kassandra excitedly said. Mira didn't say anything, but a smile crept on her face. she was happy...the same foreign   feeling that she hasn't felt in a long time. Kassandra had already unpacked, so she happily assisted  Mira. Kassandra was a kind soul, and could tell Mira was depressed, and very shy. Kassandra reminded Mira of her grandma. Mira's grandmother was a kind soul in a harsh world, and could tell how people felt.

"Hey Mira, sorry to leave you, but I need to go help my other friends unpack". "Other friends" thought Mira. She was happy to have a friend, she hasn't had one in a while. It made her feel great inside, another smile crept across Mira's face. She decided to leave her dorm, and explore the campus. Mira saw the hottest guy. He was white like her, but had a natural glow, and he had dark brown hair that fell perfectly on his face, and down it the middle of his neck. He had friendly blue eyes, and a confident smile. He walked over to Mira, and asked her "Um are you lost"? Mira didn't know what to say, she was lost, and didn't want to embarrass herself. Mira hasn't liked a guy since she was 10. " Yeah I wanted to explore the campus but I don't know anything about this place". Admitted Mira. "Oh well I'm Rick I know my way around here, my sister goes here, and she helped me out a lot, I can show you around". "Okay". said Mira shyly. Rick thought Mira was cute, he didn't really know his way around, but wanted any excuse to talk to Mira. "So go down here, and this is the library, and here is a history class" Rick confidently said. Rick continued on showing Mira throughout the campus, using a digital map he had on his phone.

"Okay my dorm's just around the corner if you, um I don't know want to talk, or um something" Rick said as he walked off. Mira returned to her dorm, and Kassandra was there. "Hey Mira what were you doing"?  Kassandra asked. "Well the guy, Rick in the dorm down the corner was showing me around". Mira said hoping the conversation would be brief. "Oh, Rick, so um...Do you think he likes you!? asked Kassandra excitedly. Mira didn't know, she was hoping, but she didn't have a clue. "Oh, I don't know". Mira said with a little disappointment in her voice.
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Loved it!
on May 01, 2015