Journey through Darkness

Journey through Darkness

A story based on a comic book I wrote. 4 Teenage girls in a magical land travel through the land, and deal with life. It gets pretty dark at times.

published on July 25, 20154 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


   In Drayth there are 14 different nations. The story starts in the nation of Starco.Humans in Drayth posses magic, and when they are ready they are placed into one of 8 classes by an experienced tech. Classes cannot be changed. Classes are medic, sorceress, enchantress, mystic, brawler, trickster, noble, and tech. Animals in Drayth reward those who defeat them with experience.
   Someone is placed in a class when they're magic is fully developed usualu in the teenage years. This story starts out with 4 characters: Luna a red headed girl who is a natural leader, and knew Jenn since was 9. Jenn, a blonde girl who has a very dark/rough past who is secretly depressed. Sana, A vain, but friendly brown haired girl. Lana, Sana's twin sister. Is very smart, but is bad with people, and emotions.
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