It's Growing Colder

A young woman part of a pioneer group tries to make change, and is gravely punished, just as her father was...

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That Faithful Meeting

160 years ago...
   A young woman, 19 years old, lived on the frontier. Known as Fiona O'mooney she lived in a pioneer town in South Dakota, in a secrion of town reserved foelr unmarried woman. She was quite the beauty, with pale skin, emerald eyes, and rare, jet black hair. She had a thick, irish accent, mysterious vibe, and hatred for society.
   It was a pleasant, cool day in early autumn. Fiona went to see her cow, Bridget (bridget meaning powerful). Fiona suddenly remembered her plans to talk to the head of the town Mrs.Nolan. She walked through the town, most eyes were on her. Just last week Fiona spoke out against unfair bartering with poor passerbys. Everyone thought of her as rebel know. That wasn't the only injustice she spoke out against. To the town she is now just a mentally disturbed traitor.
    Fiona crept into Mrs.Nolan's cabin. If she made too much of a racket it would drawn the attention of the teen boys. If they saw her they would either insult, or flirt with her. She didn't mind them, she just didn't have much time today. "Hello, Mrs.Nolan..."
   "What is it now Fiona..." sighed Mrs.Nolan. " I came in today because the society is corrupt" explained Fiona. Mrs.Nolan put down her tea, with a worried look on her face. Thr worried look quickly turned stern. She said nothing. Fiona continued, " The children"s instructors do nothing but boss them around, bark commands, and demean slow children. The townspeople fo nothing except for gossip, pull tricks on passerbys, and demean one another, and lord sabe the children all they do is be submit, follow botched morals, and demean each other.
   Mrs.Nolan set down her tea once again, and sternly stated: "And that is the way it outta be. Children follow their parenta, and instructors, towns people do whatever they have to in order to get by, or have a laugh, and instructors teach all of those things to the children". Fiona shouted "The system is goosing itself"! (Goose is an old time curse word meaning the same as the "F word")
Mrs.Nolan unintentionally flashed a look of worry, bit then turned bitter. "Fiona do not use words such a goose, and I'm sorry, but you are a danger to society you must leave, or die  the same way your father did". "I knew they killed dad..." thought Fiona.
   "Now how am i a danger to society, ma'am"? Fiona asked with a smug, yet comcerned look on her face. Mrs.Nolan replied "You are so mentally insane that you are a danger to yourself, and others. It's to late for you, with your level of insanity". Fiona angrily replied " I'll leave now, you don't have to lie to my face. I'll warn you... I'll be back if you people start to get to immoral, and poison the children, and passerbys with it".
   Fiona stormed out as Mrs.Nolan was frozen with concern. The old woman knew her father, and know just what mught repeat itself.
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