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A Difference in Genders (A BTS Story)
This is my first BTS fic ever, so please comment what you think about it, I'd love feedback so I can improve! ^^
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(A SasuNaru AU!Story) Naruto works for the newspaper, and his coworker makes him go to a party one day after work. He bumps into the handsome dark-haired Sasuke Uchiha, what will he do when the man calls him ravishing?
10 reads 7 readers 0 by TsumikiMiniwa
Zeus' Daughter, The Greek Goddess of Fire
Zeus decided that just one teacher of humanity was not enough, and sent a goddess to help the gods see it from their point of view. She's then spirited away to the academy from her nice, comfy home, and Kobuchi Shino is pissed....
5 reads 5 readers 2 by TsumikiMiniwa
SasuNaru AU!Oneshot
Sasuke was in love with Naruto for three years, but never showed it until one day when Naruto comes back from a mission covered in blood. How will Naruto react to Sasuke's feelings?
10 reads 9 readers 0 by TsumikiMiniwa
Sacrifice (NaLu Oneshot)
Natsu had a dream during those seven years after Acnologia attacked on Terou Island. What did Lucy say? (Warning: Character Death)
6 reads 6 readers 2 by TsumikiMiniwa
Lucy Uchiha
Lucy gets ignored by the guild and Natsu after Lisanna comes back. She decides to quit the guild, and comes across a rare piece of magic that changes her life and brings her to another world. What will happen now when she becom...
26 reads 20 readers 4 by TsumikiMiniwa
Le Book of Oneshots
[USED TO BE CALLED "ANIME ONESHOTS"] This is all the oneshots I write in a teensy little notebook in real life, and copy to here.
26 reads 18 readers 2 by TsumikiMiniwa
The Flickering Flame of Love (A sequel to Down Into the Fires of Hell)
Akemi has found out about a dark side of her that lusts for the death of those around her at any given time, regardless of what her relationship with them is. When she nearly kills Natsu for a second time, she runs away, trying...
7 reads 5 readers 17 profile storyby TsumikiMiniwa
Intertwined Fates
Summer and her friend are living their normal lives when they come upon an intriguing offer. Some mysterious force takes them to Black Butler and they get off on the wrong foot with some people. (Ciel x OC) (Sebastian x OC) (OC...
11 reads 8 readers 1 by TsumikiMiniwa
Dragon Love (Natsu x OC)
Azami Hayato comes to Magnolia and joins Fairy Tail. She meets Natsu, and immediately knows who he is. When she starts acting strange toward him, what will he do? And can he stop himself from trying to uncover her precious past...
8 reads 5 readers 2 profile storyby TsumikiMiniwa
Caged (OC X Sesshomaru)
Asami and Tataro Yuijoka's parents died in a fire, leaving them with nothing but a couple useless-seeming mementos. When Tataro comes up with a risky plan and gets caught, what will happen to his poor sister? And if his sister ...
22 reads 14 readers 0 by TsumikiMiniwa
Broken Pieces(Kaoru X OC X Hikaru)
Hinoyura Kanazuki is coming to Ouran Academy, her near-blindness not slowing her down. Every day, she must act cold and heartless to preserve her fragile and broken self inside. She is full of broken pieces that don't put back ...
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Mimi and Me (A Black Butler Love Story)
Two girls named Maleah and Alyson are at their after-school anime/manga club. When something strange happens, they find themselves in a whole new world. Literally. Follow the adventures of your two average otaku as they deal wi...
11 reads 11 readers 7 by TsumikiMiniwa
One Hell of a Demon Maid (Ciel x OC)
You have been away from your brother Sebastian for years. When you are chased into London and bump into him and his new master, someone you met recently pops up. When you find your two friends, you are literally hit with new pr...
24 reads 5 readers 0 profile storyby TsumikiMiniwa
Demons and Yokai (A Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss Crossover)
When Kagome bumps into a certain guy from her adventures in the Feudal Era, he only remembers his hatred for her. What will happen when he recognizes her? Will she realize something important in time? Or will she fail to figure...
48 reads 18 readers 3 by TsumikiMiniwa
Fairy Tail Truth Or Dare
With all of the Fairy Tail characters you can think of, we will be playing truth or dare. How will the characters react to the dares? Please comment on dares you would like to give them. Warning: Rated Teen
14 reads 10 readers 4 profile storyby TsumikiMiniwa
Scythe Meister (A Soul Eater Fanfiction)
After the battle against the Kishin, Maka finds out about her abilities as a weapon. Even though Stein is sure that she only has a meister soul, Maka and the gang remain unconvinced. What will happen when Maka finds out a horri...
12 reads 7 readers 4 by TsumikiMiniwa
Down Into the Fires of Hell (A Soul Eater x Fairy Tail crossover)
Satan's daughter gets fed up with her "pampered" life and decides to go to her favorite anime. But when her dimension skipping powers glitch, where will she really end up? Will she fix her powers and go home? Or will she fall i...
125 reads 23 readers 8 by TsumikiMiniwa
Demon's Gate
A demon and an angel get together...will they save the world and live, or fail, and die? Can they really accomplish an impossible task? Or will their comradeship break apart? Read this original book to find out!
26 reads 10 readers 10 by TsumikiMiniwa
The Dragon Child
One day, when Kiyomi Ryƫnoko recovers her memories that had been lost for years, how will she react? What if she meets a long-lost friend who thought he lost everything? What will happen as the story goes on... (This is a Nats...
19 reads 11 readers 2 by TsumikiMiniwa