Sacrifice (NaLu Oneshot)

Sacrifice (NaLu Oneshot)

Natsu had a dream during those seven years after Acnologia attacked on Terou Island. What did Lucy say? (Warning: Character Death)

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The Dream

The Dream

Natsu's POV
    I was floating in white light. There was nothing here with me, and I felt apprehensive. A sense of coming deja vu, like something either terrible or great was about to happen. As I waited, for what felt like hours, I thought. I thought about the great battle Fairy Tail had just had against Grimoire Heart and Acnologia. The last thing I remember was the circle we had made, trying to fend off Acnologia.

Suddenly, there was a flash of yellow in the endless white, and I covered my face with one arm as I looked away. When I looked back, I saw Lucy looking at me with a sad face. I didn't think twice about it, and jumped up, running toward her to embrace her in my arms.

However, I hit a wall. Literally. There was an invisible wall in between us, and I ran right into it. I fell down, rubbing my head, and looked up at the place I had run into. I stood up, trying to walk forward again, but the wall was still there. My gaze slid to Lucy, and she was silently crying. My eyes widened, and I pressed against the wall, desperate to get to her and stop her tears.

She walked forward and reached out a hand to the wall, her palm hitting it and her fingers spreading wide. Her arm was trembling, and she leaned her forehead against the hardened air, exactly where mine was, but they did not touch, only an inch between them. I almost missed it when she finally spoke.

"Natsu...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I left." Her voice broke on my name, and I shook my head in confusion.

"What do you mean, Lucy? You're right here. With me." I shook my head again.

She brokenly sobbed, and her fingers curled against the wall. "Natsu...I- I'm not here anymore..." She shook her head and tears flowed down her face. "I'm dead, Natsu."

My eyes widened, and I refused to believe it. I banged one fist on the wall and I shouted at her, "No! You're not! You can't be!" My voice broke on the last word and I slid slightly down the wall, bracing my forearm against it. "You can't be..."

She sobbed again, and put her other hand on the wall, leaning into it.

"I used all of my magic protecting Fairy Tail, Natsu. I sacrificed myself so you could live."

I screamed at her with tears in my eyes, "That's not living! We need you...! I need you!"

Her small, delicate frame shook with the force of her sobs, and she whispered one last thing before disappearing.

"I love you, Nastu..."

I roared into the blank white expanse before me, the roar of a dragon who has lost their mate. For that is what has happened. I have lost my mate to death, and I shall not get another. I could not live without her. As I slid down the wall of air, I made a wish.

'Please, if any God exists, let me see her soon. I cannot live without her, without my mate.'

And then I was awake, a buzz of chatter in my ears. I looked around me, seeing older-looking Al and Bisca. They were saying something, but my attention was on a still figure next to me, her blond hair around her face and her eyes closed as if only sleeping. My mate was gone.

'1And soon,' I resolved, 'I will be too.'

I closed my eyes, rolling myself to the left, ignoring the screams of Bisca as I fell. Fell down, off the cliff and into the water, letting my breath escape me in large bubbles. And as darkness started to seep into my mind, I had a happy thought, a smile gracing my face in my last moments.

'I'll see you soon, Lucy...'
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Wow that was sad. But I don't check my messages 'cause I need to change my email and I don't really trust the web. Anyways, no I have not seen all the episodes. I use to watch it like once a week but I just got addicted a few months ago. Good story, though! I really like how you shipped Nalu.
Cool. Oh, and thank you~!
on June 17, 2016
on June 17, 2016