I Am No Angel

I Am No Angel

The seven deadly sins, as short descriptive paragraphs. (Rating: PG-14)

published on October 02, 201816 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Every line of his face was beautiful, every expression he made as he sinfully moved his lithe body to the music was captivating, tenderly intense passion eminent in his delicate features. His eyes were closed, but his long eyelashes fluttered every so often as he would throw his head back, rolling his body like a wave crashing to meet the beat of the song. Spinning, dancing, every muscle perfectly trained to control every aspect of his movements. Soft blonde hair bounced under the spotlight, and his platinum satin button-up fluttered and flowed with every slight movement he made. Full lips were slightly parted, covered in a glossy sheen that sparkled enticingly under the light.
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