Mimi and Me (A Black Butler Love Story)

Mimi and Me (A Black Butler Love Story)

Two girls named Maleah and Alyson are at their after-school anime/manga club. When something strange happens, they find themselves in a whole new world. Literally. Follow the adventures of your two average otaku as they deal with love, secrets, and danger. Rated: Teen Pairings: (OC x Alois) (OC x Ciel)

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Anime Club's First Day: What Just Happened?

Anime Club's First Day: What Just Happened?

        Alyson's POV
I checked my watch. It was a couple seconds until I could officially start anime/manga club.
Finally! It was 3:00! I looked up at the sea of faces in front of me, all packed together in this small classroom.
"Alright, everyone. Did you remember that the topic of the day for the first day of anime/manga club was Kuroshitsuji?" I asked all of the new recruits.
There was a wave of nods and murmurings of yes. Some people brandished their manga or other proof of their membership in this club. I smiled at them.
"Good." I turned to the whiteboard behind me and wrote 'Kuroshitsuji' in purple dry-erase marker. I swiveled on my heel and re-addressed the many members of my club.
"Devin, Charles, Maleah!" I picked out three of my lieutenants from the crowd. "Did you remember to bring your DVDs?"
Charles and Devin nodded, holding up their DVD cases. I looked at Maleah, the only person who hadn't shown me their case. She just shook her head and looked at the ground. I groaned.
"Maleah, stay with me after club is over."
She sighed in defeat, and slowly nodded. I smiled at her in reassurance, and continued talking to everyone.
"Okay, people. You know how this works from last year! Manga fans in the last two rows, anime watchers at the computers,  fan fiction wrtiers in the midle two rows, and discussions in the front rows. Get to it!"
I shooed everyone along, and they all scurried to their stations.
I sat down at the teacher's desk and pulled out a Fruits Basket manga. I leaned back and smile to myself as I thought, 'Time to relax...'
        **Timeskip to 4:00 PM**
As everyone packed up to go, I finished the last page of my manga. I closed it, and put it in my anime/manga shrine bag. I slung the bag over one shoulder and walked over to Maleah's seat. I sat down in a chair next to her.
"Maleah, this happened last year, too. You cant just forget to bring your DVDs to anime/manga club. It causes all sorts of problems for me, and then I have to deal with more work than I can."
She sighed. "I know, I know. I get it. I'll do better next time."
I just gave her a look. "You'd better. I don't want to have to kick my best friend from her favorite club."
She sighed again, and I patted her on the shoulder. I helped her gather her binder and photo book, and we got ready to leave.
Suddenly, the lights flickered and dimmed. We stopped for a second.
"Hmmm...I hope there isn't going to be any power trouble tomorrow. There's a big test coming up in history, and I want to get that over with as soon as I can." I remarked.
She nodded. "And I have to work on my Japanese Internment camps CBA."
The lights kept flickering and dimming until they eventually went out. It was pitch black in the classroom, and I started shivering.
I will never admit to it, but I am deathly afraid of the dark.
I heard something squeak in the room and I yelped, clinging to Maleah's arm. She was probably giving me a weird look, but I couldn't see her face in the inky blackness to check if I was right or not.
Out of nowhere, the topic of the day began to glow.
The strange part was, it was somehow glowing a bright black. If you asked me to describe it, I couldn't even begin to tell you what it was like. It was amazing and awful at the same time.
I felt some sort of force begin to tug at me from the direction of the glowing words. I fought against it, but it was slowly dragging me to it.
Once I made it to the board, my hand jerked up like some invisible puppet master was manipulating my strings.
As my hand reached out to touch the glowing words, I frantically looked around for Maleah. She was right next to me, also reaching for the source of my terror.
But her face wasn't terrified or anxious, or even remotely scared. No, it was covered in curiosity.
I blinked. She was curious about what was happening to us?
I looked back at the words to see how close to doom I was.
Just as my gaze rested back on the the source of my fear, my fingertips touched the smooth white surface of the board.
I crumpled, falling forward into the pulsating words, and blacked out.
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