Le Book of Oneshots

Le Book of Oneshots

[USED TO BE CALLED "ANIME ONESHOTS"] This is all the oneshots I write in a teensy little notebook in real life, and copy to here.

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Chapter 1.
Grell x Reader

Grell x Reader

        (Y/N) sat in her window seat, head propped up in one hand, as she blankly stared out into the distance.

        She worked as a maid in the Phantomhive manor, her work capability almost on par with Sebastian, the head butler. Many people believed that they ruled the household servants, side-by-side, but (Y/N) always put these rumors to rest quite quickly.

        In all reality, she loathed Sebastian. The butler would always act high-and-mighty, and he also rebuffed the affections of HER man. She knew that it was likely Sebastian wasn't gay, but she still loathed him for throwing away what she wanted - no, NEEDED - most in the world.

        Sebastain's voice sounded outside her door suddenly, telling her to come to the Young Master's study, as he wanted to speak with her. Speak of the devil.

        (Y/N) did not respond for a moment, entertaining the idea of disobeying orders out of spite to Sebastian. that notion was quickly dismissed, however, when Sebastian calmly stated that if she did not come out soon, she would have Pluto duty for the rest of the week. She didn't want to spite him THAT much.

        Sighing, she slowly got up, stretching her arms before briskly heading toward the door. As she put one hand on the knob, a sudden gust of wind slammed her window open, and a red-dressed figure jumped through.

        (Y/N)'s (e/c) eyes widened in surprise as she saw a familiar man in her peripheral vision.

        "Grell?" She whispered, turning to the reaper.

        Grell winked at her, and she felt her face heat up. He chuckled, and walked toward her, a sudden serious look in his eyes as he gripped her shoulders.

        "(Y/N)," He murmured, "How do you feel about me?"

        His face betrayed worry, and (Y/N)'s eyebrows scrunched together in anger and confusion.

        Her voice was chilly as she snapped, "Why? What do you care? Isn't that the question you want to ask your precious Bassy?"

        His uncharacteristically serious yellow-green eyes widened considerably, and a sort of realization flashed across his face. Grell pushed his glasses up a little, and his yellow-green orbs stared into her (e/c) ones.

        "(Y/N), you believed it, didn't you?" He asked her, amusement showing plainly in his face.

        "Believed what?" She icily replied.

        He flinched, but did not look away. "My facade. That I was truly in love with Sebastian."

        Even more confusion appeared on her face, plainly showing she didn't understand. he sighed, knowing he would have to show her. he brought on hand up to her (h/c) locks, and tangle it in them, bringing her face toward his.

        He gently kissed her on the mouth, lips softly brushing against hers. (Y/N)'s eyes widened, and without thinking, she moved her hands to around his neck and met their lips together again, kissing him hungrily.

        This time, it was Grell's turn for shock, but he didn't miss a beat kissing her back, eyes closing. He pinned her against the door, arms caging her in. She didn't mind in the slightest.

        The kiss lasted for what felt like eternity, and when they pulled away, (Y/N)'s face was flushed and her swollen lips were slightly parted as she gasped for air.

        Her eyes were glazed over, and she seemed to be quite out of it, until Grell's perfect voice broke the stupor. His forehead leaned against hers, and his eyes were closed as he whispered to her.

        "I never loved Sebastian. It was you, always you. I thought I could get your attention if I made you jealous, but it seems like that wasn't necessary."

        She stared up at him with wide eyes. "What...?"

        He sighed, and kissed her briefly again before staring passionately into her eyes.

        "I love you, (Y/N)."

        She gasped, before smiling and whispering, "I love you too, Grell. Always."

        And then she locked lips with him again, love and kisses filling her thoughts.

        Outside the door, an amused demon butler smirked, before turning around and walking toward his master's study.

        "I must go tell the Young Master that (Y/N) will not be attending the meeting in the study....And of this new development."
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