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The Creation of a World
It all started with the Two Great Ones. To fend off the darkness, these beings came together to create light.
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The Lancaster House in the French Revolution
This is based off an rp I'm doing with NightCat (full props to her and I will state what characters are hers and credit her fully) called French Revolution RP. This is based off my characters and hers :3 Lol, terrible descripti...
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The Truth behind High School
This is not fiction; this is not made-up or exaggerated; this is MY story of my high school life. I will include tips, tricks, and advice for your benefit. Take a step into my life as I guide you through high school.
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The Magic of Corruption
Wow I tried 8 times to describe this fancily here is my cut-down description: The son of a powerful sorceress starts to discover her dark secrets and the secrets of his evil father. A tale of corruption and magic and horror. B...
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The Disney Princesses
I have been watching all my childhood favorites and am starting to realize some things. For now, I'm going to stick with just the princesses but if people want or this gets popular I'll continue. Let's think about the princesses!
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The Lady of My Lake
When, Orphellia's heart is broken she finds herself returning to her hidden lake. Once she reaches the water, though, she experiences a ghost encounter that will change her course of fate.
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I was tagged :D
Pretty bloody self explanatory... Well, hi, everyone! This is a fun game that we're all playing on Qfeast!!!
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The Porcelain Statue
Max is your every day average boy who enjoys sports, guy time, and video games but he has a secret: he loves art. Even if he feels frequenting art museums isn't manly he can't resist their lure. One day, as he was watching he n...
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The Grand 200!
Just some shout outs to some of my very special followers! I want all my followers to know I am very grateful for them and really do appreciate it a lot!
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The Victoria Era
The plot-line of the Victorian Age Rp Page; this is the story of the life of a girl in the Victorian age. Please enjoy!
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Speckled Wings
The Tutelae are the winged guardians of the world Aquahanna. They are split into two groups: the general Tutelae and the Proditores. One day, the Proditores took over and threw out the Tutela. When Alae, the daughter of a power...
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Mrs. Caroleena
Mrs. Caroleena is a substitute teacher working at a public high school in a bad area. She struggles to keep her positiveness while the others around her crumple under the pressure.
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X-Men Parallel Universe
While reading or watching the X-Men series, have you ever wondered what would just happen if we just accepted the mutants? Well here is my take on a pro-mutant world.
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Divergent Fan-Fic: Candor
This is the same choosing day as when Tris chose and goes through the same time period. I haven't finished the last book and am completely creating everything out of my own head so if I get some facts wrong, please forgive me.
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The Insanity of Love
Mae Bell is a 16-yr-old girl who has been dealing with schizophrenia without anyone realizing. When she is pushed to the very edge, her true love comes to her rescue but Mae isn't always Mae making it difficult for love to prev...
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The Young Adult Police Force
Andromeda is part of a special police force for 7-20-year-olds. She specializes in going undercover for schools to protect important children. After protecting many schools, Andi is starting to discover some dirty secrets about...
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My Poetry and the Like
Title's pretty self-explanatory. This ranges a lot from dark and scary to light and happy!
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The Tragedy of Avilla Antagna
Ever wonder how the bad guy felt? Or how it feels to be utterly defeated? Well time to look on the flipside of the story. Welcome to the dark side. (WARNING: there is intense and violent material in this story and it will be qu...
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The Fire in our Hearts
This is a fiction tale of a girl who was thrown into a life no girl has EVER experienced. But why? That's the question of the day.
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The Scar
Mila was brutally injured by a spirit at a young age. Her selfish mother cares for nothing but beauty and casts out her damaged daughter as soon as she can. Mila begins a lonely journey trying to learn about the outside world, ...
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