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Riverside High RP
Growing up in Riverside, Riverside High is yet another stepping stone in kids lives before they go on to do bigger and better things. However, the school itself holds some dark secrets between senior staff members that seem a b...
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The Last Stand RP
The outbreak of the undead started a year ago today... Humanity's numbers have since dwindled down to nearly nothing... Between mutants and zombies, can our heroes and heroines continue their fight? Or will they meet their end ...
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The 100+ Followers Page!
Do you have over 100 followers? Here is the place for everyone who does to hang out :D Become a member if you have 100+!
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Hypowered Club RP
A hidden club after school for teens with supernatural powers. Set in modern America. Kudos to Fandom for all the ideas, it's your page ;) Just the pagemaker here
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Pokemon Roleplay!
Trainers and Pokemon! Come one, come all! To my grand grand page! Alright, this idea came to me because I was watching the newest Pokemon movie (Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and...), and I was thinking. If my favorite Pokemon tur...
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians RP page
This is where you can RP as a character you make. Your character can have parent you live with at home or be an orphan. you can go on Quests with Friends. here is the profile form~> Name: Age(13-19): Gender: Godly Parent: Powe...
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Half-Animal RP
Basically, pretty much you can either be fully human or you're part animal-part human. So here's the form~ Name: Age: Your counterpart(as in your animal part): Backstory: Likes: Dislikes:
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French Revolution RP
The year is 1788. Bread prices are rising but wages are not. You can be part of the 1st estate/class (the clergy: archbishop, bishop, village priest, monk, nun) 2nd estate/class (nobles who inherit land, wealth) 3rd estate/clas...
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Pokemon Trainers carnival!
join the pokemon Trainers carnival! its like a party! o join this carnival, all pokemon trainers submit here! name, age, gender, pokemon, personality, backstory, like, dislike. after filling up u must need to post cloth appeara...
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Ultimanate war rp
Its the day that all the countrys WILL have a war for justice,so be prepares and strong enough to win this war and survive Good luck! Fill this Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Looks: Weopens choice: Family: Country: Backstory: ...
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Qfeast Prom Dates
Don't have a date for the prom? Still eager to go? Tell, and maybe someone will ask you! OFFICIAL DATES MANAGER: ElleyD
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creepypasta club
Creepypasta peps you must be 12-17 to be in hear post chat have fun hang out with peps who love jeff the killer ben toby hoddy and masky jane slandyman
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see no evil club
Rock for girls onely no boys funny cute fab bff to the max yey boys yuck
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Noeyes army become one
We are strong fearless boys or girls can be in my army just show respect and cool
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Magical RP
For people who have always wanted to be a supernatural creature or have supernarural powers.
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Lion King RP (1)
Welcome to Africa! You can either be a hyena, or a lion. There are only four prides in this section of Africa. If you are a hyena then you live in the Elephant Graveyard with some lions. Usually if you live in the Elephant Grav...
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Life, Love, Art
Art is a form of how humans express their emotions. Join the club! Anything to do with art! Music, writing, visual art, photography, anything! Please just make sure all work is your own.
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Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay 2: Part 2
Part 2 of the epic sage continues as the survivors get desperate. Watch as an unseen twist changes the lives of everyone, as the pace quickens in this adventure. Will our heroes and heroines survive this nightmare, or will they...
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Dragon city rp!
Pass levels with your awsome dragón!your a person that goes to adventures,battles,meet friends,win dragons,team work and meets enemys. Here u have a fantástic dragón of any species!(ill say the species in the page with a pic)yo...
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All Around the World RPG
Post a character bio from somebody somewhere else in the world, like Japan, England, Germany, Argentina, Spain, you get the idea. NO-ONE from the US or Canada! And they are coming to the US for a certain reason. You can play up...
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