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Demigod/Wizard Character Generator
This is a generator for a half wizard half Greek/Roman god. Have fun and here you are @Elleyd! :)
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Qfeast is Making a Movie!
Qfeast decided to make a movie! Who is the director? The backstage crew? The cast? Find out!
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Qfeast Academy
Imagine what it would be like if all the Qfeasters went to a boarding school together to learn about fandoms. Follow the adventures of you and your Qfeast friends in this story as we go through school life together. . .
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Qfeast Prom News
What's up with Qfeast Prom? Don't ask me! Read! And better yet, it's all packed nice and tight in this one crazy story!
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Magic RP Spinoff
Just an idea that I got after starting this RP with a few people. This is not solely my story. That is, the characters aren't all mine! Anyway, hope everyone enjoys it! -Work in Progress-
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Silver Linings
Poor, sad and homeless Sophie wins the lottery of £1,000,000. Moving to the U.S will be full of rough friendships, awkward times and dreamy guys.
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Twisted Fairy Tales~*!
these aren't mine.. I found em' online! And honestly lol I think these fairytales should have stayed gruesome..
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This is a story dedicated to a RP page that was stared between a few friends and myself. Thank you all for giving me the inspiration to write this, and may we never forget the moments leading up to the end of this adventure! S...
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Every five years one child from each family 10-18 is chosen because of their abilities and Amethyst Brite is one of these. She must find out what element she controls and survive the Element Testing.
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Legolas of the Woodland Realm
Legolas thinks he found the girl of his dreams and fight for the life he want
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The Wind's Lullaby
This is about a boy named Sebastian. Read this to find out what troubles he faces and how he overcomes obstacles in school, at home, and in life.
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The Enemy Says Good Morning
In 1765, Parliament passed the Quartering Act which required colonists to house, feed, and supply for British soldiers. This was met by much resistance and resentment. For young Elinor Woodard and her family, living in colonial...
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Just Poems And Stuff
self explanatory~ this is just a place I type down random thoughts and the like for all the see~ feel free to comment as it shows at least some people are interested~
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Eternal Darkness no More
This is a Dedication to someone that helped me out when I felt really depressed and lonely ^~^
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Pokemon Evolved
This is a story about a trainer. It progresses as the main character named Tsukia Kari goes threw her life and is mainly told through her point of view. This is not the classic pokemon region adventure story rather it mainly ta...
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Hey, if you're looking for a laugh you should really try this out! Housemates is a sort of quizz in which you simply write down your actions and reactions towards what happends. Basically you choose a certain amount of characte...
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