Legolas of the Woodland Realm

Legolas of the Woodland Realm

Legolas thinks he found the girl of his dreams and fight for the life he want

published on June 27, 201455 reads 9 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.


Her hair was long as it brushed my hand while she refused to look at me. The moon was shining on lake of Drema causing her to be cast in a bluish glow. I called out to her but she just responded with, " I am a lady-in-waiting I can't love my ladies friend let alone a prince-ling besides I can not love as deeply as you can."
"Why my lady," I whispered as she turned to look at me with her piercing blue eyes as if they saw my very soul. She looked at me sadly with happiness seeping into her gaze.
" My heart is cold because of the loss I have bared but yours is warm with friends and family that love you I could never get in the way of that." I felt my heart swell with a joy and hope that I had never felt. Not at Helms Deep, Gondor, Mordor, or Moria but I felt it now. It grew into an ember that turned into flame. Knowing I would regret it later but I had to know what my future would hold hoping it would be the person who sat before me the person I loved.
" Marry Me?"
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