The Wind's Lullaby

The Wind's Lullaby

This is about a boy named Sebastian. Read this to find out what troubles he faces and how he overcomes obstacles in school, at home, and in life.

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Chapter 1.
Once upon a dream

Once upon a dream

"Oh baby, don't worry. Mommy's going to be fine."
"Mommy, what if you aren't though?" Sebastian whimpered with tears streaming down his cheeks. His mother stroked the bangs off his forehead.
"Sebastian, I promise. I will always be here for you." His mother said and Sebastian put his head on her lap.
"Hush my child,
Close your eyes,
I'll always be here,
When you rise,
Let the Sandman,
Put you to sleep,
Be quiet my dear,
Not one more peep."
Sebastian did as the poem said, he shut his eyes and listened to his mother hum. His breath started to slow as he drifted off into sleep. He could hear his mother's humming start to fade as he drifted into blackness. When he woke, he could still feel the tears wet on his face. Now though, people were crying all around him. His father sat next to him, tears threatening to escape from his eyes. A priest was chanting words of prayer next to an open casket where his mother lay. Tears streamed from his face and he cried out in sorrow. The priest stopped for a moment and looked at Sebastian when he felt a painful tug on his arm and his father whispered fiercely at him.
The words of his mother's poem echoed in his head as he remembered the last night he had shared with her before she was transferred to the hospital. She was diagnosed with severe brain cancer and couldn't come back home. The therapy had made her hair fall out and she became very skinny in her sickness. She looked so sickly the days before she passed. Now, she lay in the casket pale and lifeless. The priest finished talking and the casket was closed. Suddenly, light flooded his vision and he shot upright. Sweat plastered his hair to his forehead and he panted from the vivid dream. His sheets were soaked with sweat and tears were streaming down his face.
"Sebastian, get ready!" He could hear a voice call to him from down stairs. He shook his head and let out a shuddering sigh.
"A-alight!" He called back to the voice. He crawled out of bed and walked over to the bathroom. He locked the door and examined himself in the mirror. His right eye was scarred and a long scar trailed down his cheek and along his neck. He sighed and undressed. He jumped into the shower and turned the cold water on washing the sweat from his body. He got out once he had washed his hair and walked back into his room. He slid his black jeans on and pulled on his black undershirt. On top of that he put on his black hoodie and walked back to the bathroom. He pulled out the straightener and flattened his hair down. He opened the drawer and pulled out a bag. He unzipped it and pulled out a black leather choker necklace and tightened the silver buckles around his neck until he could feel his pulse throbbing beneath his skin. He smeared black eyeliner beneath his eyelids and shoved the bag back into the drawer.
He ran down the steps to be greeted my his step mother.
"Hello dear, are you alright? You look tired." She asked with a worried look plastered against her face.
"Fine, just another nightmare." He replied sitting at the kitchen table and scooping a bite of eggs into his mouth.
"Oh baby." She whined and kissed him on the forehead leaving a smear of lipstick as she did.
"Mom!" He whined wiping the lipstick off. "I'm fine, you don't have to worry." Although his words seemed to soothe his mother, it did nothing to calm the aching in Sebastian's heart. His step father walked in and sat down at the table.
"Morning Sebastian." His father said taking a sip from his coffee.
"Morning." Sebastian murmured taking a bite of toast.
"I still don't see why you wear make up." His father said while opening the news paper.
"Honey, he's just expressing himself." Mom said sitting a plate in front of father. "Leave the boy be."
"Well, I'm gonna head out." Sebastian said standing from the table and taking a sip of juice.
"Alright honey, have a good day at school." Mom said as Sebastian grabbed his bag and walked towards the door. He nodded in response and walked outside. He only lived a little ways away from school so he usually just walked there. He put his headphones in and played Black Veil Brides on his IPod as he crossed the street. The school soon came into sight and eventually he was walking up the steps to the front doors.
Author's comment: "Every tear I cry, is a thousand words I don't have the strength to say."
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Comments (3)

This is an amazing story so far, you're a great writer! Thanks for including Dawn by the way.
on June 30, 2014
Awesome I can't wait to read more!
on June 26, 2014
So good! It's sad though. You're an amazing writer! Is Sebastian emo?
on June 26, 2014