Hey, if you're looking for a laugh you should really try this out! Housemates is a sort of quizz in which you simply write down your actions and reactions towards what happends. Basically you choose a certain amount of characters, they can be real or fictional and you are the main protagonist.

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Out Skiing!

Out Skiing!

Here are the rules:
Copy the text you see here and add a character to each number, the characters can be fictional or real, like your brother or best friend just as well as Harry Potter and naruto. Basically all you have to do is write down your actions and reactions twoards the questions while you try to visualise the situation. It can turn out to be quite hilarious x) If you're willing to try it,  I'd be really glad if you added a comment saying you did it and I tell you, it's just as fun to do than it is to read it, and I love reading reactions to this. So go ahead, post it on your wall, answer questions and leave a comment so I could read it ^.^ It's definetly a must try if you're bored.
Anyway, if you're doig this, hope you'll get a good time, and good quizz ;)

You're going skiing with a bunch of friends! You got a nice house to stay in, and everybody's fired up to go.

Choose 12 characters (real/ficional) that aren't oyu of course.


1. everybody is packing up their suitecases. 4 and 12 clame to already finish their suitcases and start to annoy 8 about the fact that he didn't finish and how slow he was. - What do you say to all of them?

2. 7 comes to your room and says that his underwears were stolen. After you investigate, You find all of it in 10's bag. -how do you react and what do you say to 10?

3. 5 and 2 are suposed to prepare food for the way, but when you go downstairs you see them throwing bananas at each other making a total mess in the ckichen. You run towards them to scold them and before you can say a word a banana peel ends up landing on your face. - How do you react?

4. All the suitecase are stuffed in the car, but a few don't fit in. Everybody has to take one thing out of their suitecases. - What do you, 1,3,6 and 9 take out of your suitcases?

5. at the last moment befor going, 5 holds your leg and starts crying saying he doesn't want to go. What do you do?

6. On the way, after 2 hours of road, 11 says he forgot something VERY important. - What is it and how do you react?

7. While climbing the mountain, 9 gets car sick. 7 backs of and 12 steps on your face and goes as far as possible cause he doesn't want 9 to throw up on him. - How do you react toward 9, 7 and 12?

8. When you arrive, you're the last one to get out of the car. When you get out, you look around and stare at the nice view but before you get to say anything you take a snowball in the face. it's 3 that threw it and he's dead laughing on the floor and so is 10. The snow went in you mouth, nose and tee-shirt. - What do you do?

9. After that, a huge snowball fight starts. You throw a snowball in 8's direction but it's 1 that gets it in the face. What does 1 do?

10. You keep throwing snowballs and see 4 aiming for 2. 2 runs towards you and hides behind you. 4's snowball hits you instead. - what do you say?

11. After all this, everyone's cold and decide to choose the rooms and all take a hot shower. You play a short game to know with who you're gonna be and you end up with 6 and 3. - how's that?

12. When you enter the room, 6 rushes to take a shower, then 3 goes befor you have the time to complain about being cold. When it's finally your turn, there's no hot water left and the shower is freezing. - how do you react to the cold water and what do you say to 6 and 3?

13. You decide to go to 11's,7's and 5's room and use the hot water left there. You take you shower and at a moment you slip a bit and screa in a funny way. Suddently you hear 11 laughing like crazy behind the curtain of the shower. he was there the hole time!!! - how do you react?

14. When you go back to your room,  you see 4 stealing things from 6's suitcase. what do you do?

15. when you take back the stuff that 4 was stealing and start to scold him, 6 enters the room and see you with his cloths in your hand. He thinks it's you that did it and gets mad at you while 4 escapes. - what do you do?

16. Time to ski!!!! everyone gets prepared. when it's time to go, you discover that one of your ski is missing. When everyone looks around, 8 finds it down a clif stuck under a rock, half in the water of the river. 1 starts laughing about how he'd love to see you go down there and get it. - what do you tell him and how do you get it back?

17. You all arrive at the station and buy tickets. The you go in the cabins to go up to the top. In the cabin, 7 sitting next to you takes your arm and says he's scared. He's so scared he holds you very tight. - what do you do?

18. When you arrive you all get set. 9 starts laughing at opthers saying he's the best (and he's actually good), then he starts doing amazing things with his ski. he comes back to you and makes fun af all the other. - what do you tell him?

19. You're pretty good but 12 is very bad at it. after a moment you see him passing you at an incredible speed, you catch up with him and say that he's pretty good in the end, but 12 says that the truth is that he doesn't know how to stop. In the ned he crashes into 9 and 2. - what do you do and what do they say?

20. After a moment, you see 5 and 8 passing you saying they'll take a shortcut. You smile and say "ok" and see them go in the shortcut. But at the entrance of the short cut there's a sign saying "beware of the bears". - what do you do?

21. when you stop to take a brake, 10 slides to you and suddently stops, throwing snow all over you. - what do you say?

22. when just skying, you see 11 crashing ina snowman, - do you laugh? what do you say to him?

23. When you arrive to the lift you see 1 desperatly trying to catch one, but he always fails. 2 and 7 are laughing and making fun of him. all the people waiting start laughing too. - how do you help him?

24. on the lift, you see 5 and 4 moving around and laughing at people that fail. I f they fall, you're the one falling next. - what do you tell them?

25. 8 falls from the lift behind. 12 can't avoid him and falls too, then it's 11 and 10. In the end, a lot of people crash into them and it ends up in a big mess. - what does 12, 11 and 10 say and how do you react?

26. after all this you all go at a restaurant and eat something. 3 starts complaining about the foodand refuses to eat it. - what do you tell him and what does he answers?

27. when you're all done eating, 2,4,6,7,9,10,12,3,5 and 6 say they'll go back home. Now it's just you,1,8 and 11. A snow storm starts and after 10 minutes you can't see anything. at a moment, 8 cries for help. you try to help but you slip on some ice and fall on your butt. You hear 8 and 1 laughing saying it was a joke. 11 thinks it's not funny, - do you aprove? and what do you say?

28. when you try to go down in the storm with the others, you just can't see anything and suddently end up flying. You actually jumped from a pile of snow without wanting it. You just land somewere and everybody laughs this time (ho my god, that actually REALLY hapened to me. i was in the air without knowing what hapened and befor i could i landed in the snow. but i really couldn't see anything in the storm). - what do you say?

29. you finally reahc the bottom, all tired. I asks you if you could hold his snowboard to go home, he's sooooo lazy after all. - do you take it?

30. home finally! oh!!! 3 prepared the supper!! isn't that great?

31. During supper (good or not), 9 caches you head and pushes you face in your food - what do you do?

32.Time to go to bed, you're tired and you want to sleep, but 6 starts snoring REALLY loudly. - how do you react?

33. 10 buts in your bed and grins at you, are you scared?

34. you go back home, the vacation was fun. After a moment you realize you forgot 5........
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Comments (2)

OMG! I play this game with my friends with people we know and we use inatimate objects and people it's so funny!
on April 25, 2014
This was hysterical! I used characters all from my own stories so just having them together in one world was funny but to have them be friends and go skiing. Omg, I died half way thorugh. Too funny, too funny...
on April 24, 2014