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Thank you Qfeast and Qfeasters!
Thank you Qfeast and Qfeasters! This is my little thanks for all you've done!
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The Name of Death
Detah is like a sweater, names like it grow on trees. You cant be scared of something you wear each day. You are only curious, curious of the unknown. People say that they are scared of death. They are lying, no one is scared o...
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Timetravel, it's magic! A DW fanfic
When the Doctor hears the voices of his past regenerations inside his head, Rory is captured than Sontarans, a Whovian's wish just might come true.
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The Fandom Wars
Sorry, I pretty sure some of you will hate me after reading this, but I tried to write it how it was. The Fandoms in here are Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Divergent and Doctor Who. If you'd like me t...
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In a battle that has been raging for thousands of years, their only hope lays on the shoulders of a young twelve year old girl to wake the goddess Helva who should save them all.
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The Lightning Trial
In a world wher having magic poewrs is considered normal, a normal middle school sends their most powerful member in to a deadly competiton...
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9th life
I have 13 lives, When I die I change. But there is a day that I will die and Never Come Back.
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Invisibility and Mood.
I've got powers you dream of. I grant magic to others and me and my team will grant the world awe.
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Fullmetal Alchemist song parodies
I'll admit, I didn't like the song 'Boom Clap' but after drawing Mustang's and Kimblee's Transmutation circles on my hands, I got an interesting idea. Please no hate on my opinion of 'Boom Clap'
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The Stars of Time
Sanlief Fayne has always been marvelled at time travel. While others want to read minds, all she wants to do is watch time unravel.
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The Devil Within Me
Lake is back AGAIN! And a dark truth is revealed, and no proof she's alive.
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Clary Fray gets a chatroom...
Wow, another chatroom story sisaloofafump. WOW. And it AGAIN says it all in the title.
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The Doctor got a chatroom...
It says it all in da title! 'So... I bet NO ONE has ever done THIS before...Sarcasm. Oh wow. What a genius i am, what a genius.
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The mark that binds us- A Fairy Tail fanfic
I can hear them. Faint voices begging, trying to reason me to let them out, to bad. It was their choice. But I am not hear to tell you the present or future, but to tell you the tale of the Woodwind sisters, their foolish choic...
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The Power Within Me.
Lake is BACK! With the powers to change the proprety of something she fights realtiy
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the same dream has always kept apearing in petra's dreams while she live too the fullest in the school of magic
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My OCs (2)
Okay! As I will mention inside, these OCs are of my creation, and I'd really injoy and appretiate it if someone used them in a role play or story. It would make my day to see these used in another story than the one going on in...
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The Magic Within Me
THERE IS NO ROMANCE! Lake Newstep has always had a thing with objects. Being able to move them with her mind isn't the only thing she can do. She can change the proproties of solides making the liquids and then evaporate, plus...
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The Shadow of the Elf
Never worry, Never feel, Never hurt, Always powerful, Always the best, Always stealthy How much would you do to become one with the shadow?
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The Raven's call
She has always had the ability to transform into a wolf and a raven. Being a shadow elf she can seep into shadows and has the right to choose one other talent. She chooses the rare transformation skill but was there a mistake? ...
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