The Shadow of the Elf

The Shadow of the Elf

Never worry, Never feel, Never hurt, Always powerful, Always the best, Always stealthy How much would you do to become one with the shadow?

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Evalïne's fate

Evalïne's fate

It was the day of the choice, the day of fate.

        Evalïne looked up at the sky, while others clung to each other in fear, and some threw up, she stood still in the shadows on the day of her destiny. The sky had been grey, now a pleasant blue era hung up there like a painting. Some kids pushed their way past her, shoving her against a wall. Pain shot up her arm as laughter grew around her.
        "Look at her" "Weakling" "I bet her fate will be death, well, I hope so!" "Remember Eva, our lives are way more interesting then yours" "just fly away on your pretty wings already!" "oh wait, her wings broke didn't they?" The words kept going on forever, swing in her head, but she kept walking steadily forward, she had to show them today, that she was not as broken as they thought.
         For being one of the elves, she had the choose at age of 5 of what alender she wanted. An alender was a extra item, like a tail, or wings that you could receive. When she chose wings the power was so great to place them on that her families' lives were took to create enough magic for the wings to be placed. In her sadness she ripped her wings apart hoping that there would be any magic left in them to bring her family back.
        Now, years later, she was still looked down upon, and still blamed for the death of her parents. Everyone hated her, the weakling with no power, bt today it would change, to day her fate would be told, today she would live.

                                                                                                                *  *  *

        She was in the town square, small, grey and boring. There was a small stage in the middle, just as boring as the rest.
Suddenly, the crowd parted to reveal an old man with a grey moustache as big as his face. His plumb body moved to the front of the stage.
        "As you all know, today is the day of fate, May 17th." He said into a microphone, his pointy ears waving in the wind. "Today, you will meet your fate, are you ready?" A huge roar rang across the square. "Okay, bring forward the fate!" A professional looking woman with brown hair wrapped tightly in a bun on the top of her head brought a big rusty metal box to the front of the room. The box of fate.
        "When I call your name, you shall come up to the stage and pick a slit of paper from the box, on the paper will be one word, you can only tell someone your fate once they are on the verge of death, if they have the same, they will heal and live, if they are different they will die NO MATTER WHAT." Everyone in the room flinched at those last words, even though they already knew that.
        "Crow, Never"
        People looked in shock for the name was called so quickly. A scrawny boy with jet black hair and dark blue eyes stepped onto the stage. "Are you ready to receive your fate?" The mayor said,
        "Mellanda, give him the box." The assistant hurried over and held the box out to Never.
        "Never Crow, please close your eyes and choose the first piece of paper you feel, than, put it back." Never hurriedly closed his eyes and placed his hand carefully in the box. Than as fast as lightning he grab a piece and yanked his hand out. Slowly he unfolded the paper, than his eyes grew round and he dropped the paper back in the box. Frozen in place his was escorted out.
        After Never Crow's fear, the others past quickly without any significance of the same extent. Then after "Lake Newstep", "Evalïne Sparrow" was called.
        Evalïne gracefully stepped onto the stage. Although there was no fear on the outside, her heart and soul were freaking out. When she heard the words "Close your eyes"   She glanced around and then it went black. Her hand was guided to something cold, the metal box. Then, she felt the rough edge of paper against her skin. She grasped for it and than yanked it out. Her hand shook as she unfolded it. Revealing the word: Shadow.
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