The Lightning Trial

The Lightning Trial

In a world wher having magic poewrs is considered normal, a normal middle school sends their most powerful member in to a deadly competiton...

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The lightning bolt

"Today, our school will be participating in a nation wide middle school magic power battle competition. As you already know, we, as a school, have voted on our most powerful student. Although we don't know who we are up against, our representative has shown unimaginable power that no can beat. Now, please welcome to the stage, our representative: Petra Campellie!"
        And that is my cue. I step out infront of hundreds of people, from parents, to students, to cousins. A sea of people, all wearing red, the symbol of hope, burst into a thunderous applause. Normaly I would be freaking out to be on stage, ready to fight but today I make myself to the center of the stage and bow. I'm wearing a long red dress, my long brown hair up in a bun. Although I hate dresses I was forced to put it on. The student president Erin comes over to meet me. Most people were surprised when they heard that she's a girl. She has quite a masculine face and short hair. She too is dressed fancy, a black long sleeve velvet shirt with a knee-length red skirt and black tights. Her signature red bowtie is resting snuggly on her neck.
        Erin shake my hand then she asks "Well, are you ready to fight?" I glance down at my dress, long and frilly.
        "Not like this." I respond, receiving a laugh from the audience. "No, why'd I have to wear a dress when I'm going strait to the arena after? I will barley have any time to change."
        Erin grins and then touches the jewel on my necklass. The whole dress starts shimmering and it flies away as a swarm of butterflies, leaving me in my fighting gear. I glance down. Erin laughs and stats "But maybe like this!" The embarrassment.
        "Okay kiddies! We shall be leaving to the arena now, only aproved personal can come so make sure to watch on the screens up here!" Erin announces as she points all around the stadium. I feel a sinking feeling and look down at my feet, and then I realise we really are sinking into the floor. I yelp in surprize then remember, her power is the ability to melt the area around one. Quickly I wave my hand infront of me and filck my hand up. Atleast now I won't be suffocatingn in melted stage. We sink down through the floor, the melted stage forming a perfect capsule around us.
        I grin and ask Erin how she did that to my dress. "Oh you know" she repiles. "That was Melissa." Of course, the one with the power to change someones clothes. She also applied for the competiton. Proving to be quite powerful she would make your clothes so tight you coundn't breath, or she would put you in the most embarrasing outfit that you'd either be laughing you head off or clutching yourself in shame. At your moment of weakness she'd tranform her gloves into swords and point it at you neck, alas, winning the match. I have no idea how she was taken out by Yanadé who faced me the next round. In that next round the school voted between me, Yanadé and five others.
        My thoughts were interupted since the feeling of sinking had turned into the feeling of oh-look-we've-stopped-where-are-we? Erin stepped forwards and broke through the layer of melting floorness into a room of girls and boys, all around my age. I followed Erin into the room and gazed around. Just as I thought, half were wearing red suits/dresses and the other half were wearing black fighting gear. I steadily met the gaze of Eirate Woodwinds, the most famous of us all. With the knickname "Zeus's daughter" made from her many fans she held the ability to control lightning at an amazing level. She, I knew, would be my first oponent.
        No one had told me but they always would put those with simular powers together. I glanced down at my hands. I could solidify air, if it was pure, like it usualy was, the results would end up invisible. Only I would know if they worked, from a feeling of sucess that always follows. Even still, I never saw it myself either, it was an extremely powerful yet dangerous power.
        I saw a match list on the wall and walked over to it. Just as I predicted, I was paired up with Eirate. I didn't see this though, our match was first. I stared at the list in wonder for a while, just processing it. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I flicked my head around to the face of Eirate.
        "So we're first huh?" She said. Her dirty blonde hair was in a bob that rested on her shoulders. I glared squarely into her eyes.
        "Yes, I suppose." I snapped. But I saw the hurt in her eyes and loosened my anger. "But why are WE first?!"
        "Um, so they have famous opponents in the beginning so people get excited?" EIrate guessed as she shrugged her shoulders. I noticed a jolt of fear and surprise in her eyes! Pain shot through my body, every hair on my neck shot up. I turned around and glared.
        "Did you mean to just electrify me, or are just famous because of your looks and not your power? Even babies can control their magic!" I snap. She still wore an expression of horror.
        "Sorry!" She said quickly, with traces of fear in her voice. "Someone hit me and the pain got transferred over to you!"
        We glared for a bit until the overhead announcers came on. {Welcome to the the 13th Middle School Magic Power Competiton!} It said in a robotic voice. {Our first match will be happening soon! Please make sure you have grabed a pamphlet and some popcorn! Because this next match will be one to remember!}
         A middle age man beckoned me and Eirate forwards. I causually followed Eirate over. He glanced at both of us, then he cleared his throat and said, "Remember, everthing you say from now on, till this turnament ends can be used against you." He gave us a steady glare then he turned around and waved his hand infront of him. A large white door apeard in the wall. "Follow me." He ordered. And he opened the door and stepped into the wild.
        Although it was extermily hard to get near the arena, thousands of new reporters lined the street. There were building on either sides of the road yet we headed strait forward to a mordern building right at the end of the street. Microphones were pushed in my face, cameras clicked, my eyes burned from all the light. I gave a dissapointed grunt and me and Eirate both waved our hands at the same time. Microphones flew to another planet and disintegrated cameras littered the floor seconds later. Our eyes met, each bearing the same message: 'I could of done that myself'. We angrily stormed our way to the arena. We shot up the stairs to the front door. I shot my hand forward, lightning crickled behind me. And me and Eirate stood at the entrance of the arena, hair flying, our face grim, lightning swirling around us and anyone could feel the power eradicating off us.
        A young lady, her hair tied up in a bun on top of her head and a clipboard in her hands rushed forward. She bowed and nervously stated, "your match room is this way." I followed her finger and summoned the wind. I flew over her head, strait down a hallway to a room labeled 'First match'. I lowered my self down at the entrance just as Eirate ran up. I folded my arms and glared.
        "Remember girls!" The lady said. "No fighting till the match!" I sighed as she opened the door to the room. I stepped inside and gasped. The room was bright white with nothing inside. It was quite a small rectagular room, around the size of a class. The lady pushed me and Eirate in, the she slammed the door shut. The door shimmered then dissapeard. Eirate steadily walked to the other side of the room and turned to face me. Her eyes were blazing with determination as the announser came back on.
       {Our first match is about to start! Eirate Woodwinds vs Maya Fox!} It said. {I shall go over the rules once more. No fighting with fists, no kicking, only battle with your power. No killing, the match goes until one is either unconsious, resigns, or is obviously defeated.} I had already memorized the rules but it was nice to relearn them. {Are our contestents ready?} Me an Eirate nodded solemnly.
{Okay guys!} I glared at Eirate.
{3!} She met my eyes and glared back.
{2!} I brushed a stray piece of hair behind my ear.
{1!} I croched down and through m hands out to the sides. The words 'Come On' crackled, made out of lightning apeard above Eirate's head.
         I stared into her eyes then shot my left hand infront of me, palm facing her. She fliched, well, it looked like she flinched, but acually an invisible wall had fallen on her head. I screamed in pain as a lightning bolt hit me. More kept on hitting me, again and again. I clutched my head in pain.
         "Oh, is that all you've got?" Eirate mocked. "Such a shame." I stumble on my feet but manadged to stand up, glaring daggers at her. She shreaked as forty invisible daggers cut her. As the daggers flew forward for another round of pain, the were blocked off by a wall of flame. I gave up on the daggers, and ducked just as another lightning bolt soared right over my head. Eirate knew how to send her bolts around my walls, she knew how to defeat my daggers. I didn't know what to do. The suddenly an idea came. It was extremely dangerous, but worth a shot. I threw my hands forward gathering the smoke in the air to form two sharks. Although only three meters long they swam through the air as fast as Eirate's thunder. As they encircled Eirate I created a box, trapping Eirate inside with deadly smoke, sharks and flame with no way out.
          I waited until the oxygen had run out in the box, and I waited until Eirate fainted. And I walked over to her, destoying the  walls and flame, I held my hand out to her and said, "I won."
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