The Stars of Time

The Stars of Time

Sanlief Fayne has always been marvelled at time travel. While others want to read minds, all she wants to do is watch time unravel.

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The sun shown as I lay in the shade of a tree. Flowers bloomed around me, the grass was bright green. But it was dead winter. If I stood up and looked around, I'd see snow, leafless trees and ice. No body knew why it was always sunny near me, It was always pleasant but I wanted to know what snow was like, how rain felt when it hit my face. I gazed up through the leaves of the tree, I hadn't been here since THAT moment. Although I only thought about it quickly, soon I was drowning in memories.
        I had been five at the time, the sun had shown like it was now, the leaves had been waving in the wind. Birds had taken shelter near me, in my hair. There was a deadly freeze over night, people had locked their children inside.  But I, had wanted to go outside and help the birds. As soon as I stepped out side, The snow around my feet melted, flowers near me bloomed. It was a marvellous scene, watching everything come alive. I had been carrying a basket full of birdseed, I remember plunging my hand into it, seeds falling out and scattering on the ground.
        Within a minute there was birds pecking at my hands, deer sleeping by my side and a stray cat in my arms as I lay against a tree. Bunnies ran around my feet, I was so happy! An owl rested on brach a foot above my head. I ended up staying there for weeks, strangers would give me food. When the sun finally came out, and the snow was gone, all the animals slowly walked away. The tree that I had leaned against was the only survivor.
        I remember watching all the animals leave until I was the only being in site. I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me, I had turned around and saw a face  appearing out of the woods, staring directly at me. It was the kind face of a girl, siting on the back of a wolf. She turned her head and disappeared through the trees. I heard a cry and a wolf pup stumbled to my side.
        I never told anyone about the girl I had seen. Now, eight years later I am sitting under the same tree for the first time. The face had never left my thoughts, and the wolf has never left my side. I found out that the wolf was a girl, a grey wolf. I named her Luna after the moon that shown the night of the freeze. She wasn't tamed but followed me everywhere. The injury of all who came near me was unstoppable so I had fled to the woods and lived among the trees. It was my 13th birthday today.
        In my village, once you reached the age of twelve you would chose a power to study. It had been a few years since I ran away once that day came, but all my life I had been training. I had no choice of what my power would be after I saw her in the woods. Her name was Sanlief Fayne, she had mastered the art of time travel, and she was me.
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