Invisibility and Mood.

Invisibility and Mood.

I've got powers you dream of. I grant magic to others and me and my team will grant the world awe.

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Invisibility and Mood.

I stood outside the door of the class. The frame of the door was a nice deep wood. I pulled a electric blue pen out of my sweater pocket and silently doodled a design on the palm of my left hand. I wasn't thinking about my drawing, or the laughter comeing from inside the class. I only thought about what would happen if I was wrong.

            I glanced down at my hand, atmist in a swirling storm of bright blue. I heard the door open, 1:30 pm on the dot. Two girls in expensive looking clothes sashayed past me. They seemed like their month long vacation to Who-Knows-Where seemed to have left a conceided area floating around them. I approached from behind the blond haired one. Although, the other's hair  was brown, but she dyed it blonde at the tips.
            I cleared my throat.
            "Um, Courtney, Mackayla?" I said nervously. They abruptly turned around.
            "Ugh, what is it?" Courtney asked, her hands on her hips and her blonde hair tied up in a pony tail.
            I took a deep breath. "Well, uh..." My hands were pressed together in determination. A trickle of blood came from a cut on the palms of my hands. I closed my eyes and as I opened them again they were blazing with determination. The girls backed away with shock as I lifted my left hand, covered with designs. I snapped my fingers as I sent out a silent message to the wind. 'Close her eyes' 'keep them closed' ran through the air. 'Don't let her run' 'melt the floor' swam the the ground as Courtney slowly closed her eyes. Mackayla would of shrieked but no one would of heard. Just like how she didn't hear the voice of the wind.
            I lightly touched the palm of my left hand with my right. A metal bar shot out of the center of my palm, around 4" long. It floated in the space between my hands untill I grabed it a slowly walked towards Courtney. With my free hand I held her face steady as I gently pushed the bar unto the side of her face. I slowly kept pushing it in, she didn't feel a thing as the bar dissolved like quick sand into her face. Then her eyes shot open and she fell on the floor. The I raised my hands as another bar flew out my hand and I turned to face Mackayla.

                                                                      * * *

            I watched as Mackayla and Courtney lay on the floor, sleeping. I had sent an order to the floor to mimic them so the teacher wouldn't notice they're absents. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around. Another girl with bright green eyes like mine handed me a book. I nodded as her eyes asked the question. "Will they survive?"
            "Guys! Look!" I heard as a boy pointed to the sleeping girls on the ground.
            "Alex, that is exactly what you looked like when you gained the power." I said pointedly.
            "I'm worried Petra" Moon said, "What if the power dosen't except them?"
            "Uh, they die?" Another boy suggested.
            "Correct Aiden!" I cried. "But they wont, I gave them invisibility and mood."
            "Mood? I understand invisibility, but mood?" Lucy asked.
            "Mood. The ability to change anyones mood on command" Joey commented.
            "Another correct! And remember, I will turn off their power just like I did to you guys!" I added.
            "Ugh, when will you turn it on?"
            "Later! Lavada will unlock it once we get there!" I said to my team. I was my job to let people receive powers. Magic powers, although, I don't chose who, Lavada does that. Now, those who stand with me shall learn to too. Mackayla will be the last to learn and Alex would be the first but it doesn't matter what order.

We were the new recruits,
Alex, Aiden, Moon, Lucy, Joey, Courtney, Mackayla and me, Petra Campellie.
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