The Doctor got a chatroom...

The Doctor got a chatroom...

It says it all in da title! 'So... I bet NO ONE has ever done THIS before...Sarcasm. Oh wow. What a genius i am, what a genius.

published on March 17, 201538 reads 14 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Jelly Babies...

11: Hey guys! wow its been a while.
10: Totally, I remember discovering this with susan...
1: That was just yesterday.
4: I guess it was, Oh guys guess what?
1: what
2: What
3: WHAT?
5: what
6: what?
7: What
8: what
9: What?
10: What?
11: What?
4: New companion!
10: Nice, which one?
4: Leela, forest warrior,
7: she was one to remember...

6 Has left the chatroom.

8: god, i hate those.. they kill off to many pople
10: ROSE!!! :(
11: I feel your pain...
4: JELLY BABIES! Omg JELLY BABIES! I <3 JELLY BABIES! My precious Jelly Babies...
3: Now wait a second... Are you saying that soon I will be obsessed with those foul things?
11: Yep, just like mister monkey and his bananas...
9: oh, come on, bananas are fantastic, ain't that right rose?
Rose: What ever you say doctor.
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