The Name of Death

The Name of Death

Detah is like a sweater, names like it grow on trees. You cant be scared of something you wear each day. You are only curious, curious of the unknown. People say that they are scared of death. They are lying, no one is scared of death, they are only scared of pain.

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The Sweater of Death (in which a shirt is put on, secrets scream and a little girl cries)

The Sweater of Death (in which a shirt is put on, secrets scream and a little girl cries)

  People are scared of death.
Correction: People think they are scared of death.

        When people imagine death, the first thing that comes to mind is pain. People aren't scared of the unknown part of death, no they are just curious. People aren't scared of death, they are just scared of pain.
        Death, it's worn like a name just the same Alice or Joe. You can throw it over your head and wear it like a shirt. It will grow and stretch with you in your many years, heavily weighing down on you as you grow older. You can try and fight it, change it, but it will always remain. Death is just a name.
        People say that they are scared of death, but they are lying. Lies are everything to people, whether you know it or not. You think you don’t lie, you think you are honest. You argue with me, protest, you have never lied you say? Never? Are you sure? People say that Death shouldn’t be capitalized, but if it isn't, then it isn't a name. If you say it isn’t a name, then you are lying. Lies live in every crook and cranny of the world. Hidden in books, peering up at you from the tv screen. They can never be seen, for they are hidden in the Kingdom of Lies.
        The Kingdom of Lies is a wonderful place, full of secrets and imagination for those three must always go together. If they aren’t put together, they will scream and shout and make an awful mess. You must always keep them in order, never place secrets before lies or imagination behind secrets. Order is the most important thing of the Kingdom of Lies. Not just the yelling type, the one that forces you into doing something you hate, but also the tidy, strict type that tells you where to go and that keeps the universe clean.
        When imagination is placed in first place, the world is full of wonder, people stop and stare at the sky, they ponder why they are wasting their life. Why they are lying to themselves, for imagination always leads to lies. When lies are in second the world’s secrets are safe. Imagine, right now, what it would be like, if all your thoughts were known. Everyone would hate you, some would respect you, sure, but then they would hate you. No matter what your parents say, no one’s soul is clean. That’s why we need lies,  lies are the protector of your thoughts, your personality. They are the protector of secrets, the last in the line. Secrets scream to be told. They are vicious, wild and crazy. They need imagination and lies to keep them in line. Secrets fill your head, they fill all the cabinets and boxes in your brain. Your whole life is a secret.
        People don’t believe they lie, people say they don’t have secrets. Even then, they are lying. Even then, they are creating more secrets.
Everyone, in their mind, whether they know it or not, is a desk full of drawers. The drawers grow bigger as they fill up, they slide around, they make such loud noises, screaming for attention. Each drawer is a Kingdom, and each Kingdom must have a ruler.
        Look over here, do you see that little girl crying? The one with the brown hair? Yes, that’s her. Come over, she won’t bite, she won’t even notice you. There, there, you’re safe now. I wish she could hear you comforting her, alas, we are just figments of the universe’s imagination. But don’t worry, the universe is a kind beast, she takes care of everyone and watches over us all. She is the reason you got that perfect gift from “Santa” for christmas, and why there is just that perfect job for you. When you cry, she will wrap you up in joy and send you off again on your journey through life. This journey through life may be short, for the universe loves to watch as lives end. No, not is a bad way, don’t be scared, she watches as people cry, but also as they remember that person for all of forever. She is the one that keeps your memory alive. So don’t cry little girl, the universe will take care of you. Don’t cry, if you only stop to listen to the wind, for the wind is the only voice I have.
        But why, you ask, why did I mention the girl? Is she important? Will she change the world when she grows up? You shout these questions at me, screaming in my ear, please, quiet down. I don’t like yelling. Don’t worry, your questions will be answered soon, for soon we will visit the land where time has stopped.
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