The Devil Within Me

The Devil Within Me

Lake is back AGAIN! And a dark truth is revealed, and no proof she's alive.

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the stars of time

I raced to the front doors of school. I was excited for today since there would be a new class mate. As the sky shown down upon the steps, I bolted inside, my shadow shattering the calm light. My friend Madeline abruptly turned to face me, her long brown hair whacking my face. "Whats the rush?" She asked "School doesn't start for 20 minutes"
        "I know, but I really wanted to see the new kid as soon as possible" I responded.
        "Oh! Courtney, don't scare her!" She ordered. She knew I had a bad reputation with new guys.
        "Yeah, I'll try..." I muttered as the door slowly opened. In stepped a scrawny looking girl with short brown hair, her brown eyes held the slightest tint of red. I glanced at her black bandana, it had red designs swirling like time all across it. She looked around then suddenly stride to a seat on the other side of the class and picked up a book. 'Black Holes and Time Warps' The cover said. It was a thick black book that stood out against her blue sweater.
        Although I had been excited before, seeing her now just let my enthusiasm meter drop down so low it broke. I felt angry that that was who we got. A bookworm, probably smart too. Ugh, I was disgusted just looking at her. My golden hair was perfect compared to the rat's nest of tangles in her's; with blue tips on mine as raggedy ends on hers. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to my best friend Myra.
        It must of took longer then planned 'cause next I knew the bell to start the day rang. As the teacher came in she beaconed the new kid forward. I watched people's expression and all I saw was my own hate reflected in their eyes.
        "Now guys, this is Lake Newstep, um, she's the new kid I was telling you about...Um, Lake why don't you introduce your self?" Our teacher said.
        "Hello! I see you already hate me. Huh. Okay then. My name is Lake Newstep. I'm a timecard wizard disguised as a mutant hobbit who volunteered to go on a quest to become a divergent shadow hunter from camp half-blood where I was trained by master Yoda." She searched everyones gaze then stated, "Um, I already know there is a talent show tomorrow, uh, I will impress you then." Lake clumsily walked back to her seat then turned to the boy next to her.
        The boy, Alex, was best friends with the most popular boy in the class, although not popular himself... She pulled a collection of manga out of a book bag she had beside her dirty sneakers. Alex took one look at them, then all the hatred in his eyes disappeared as he pointed to them and laughed. He pulled out the same book from HIS book bag. Suddenly I heard another laugh, coming from the boy on her OTHER side. He pulled out the novel version of one of the manga. He must of said something strange, 'cause she made a face and slapped him in the face. What a great start for your first day of school.
        Her eyes lit up as she noticed the book I was holding. 'Peter Pan' lay in my hands. I had just picked it up randomly but it must of seemed like on purpose. She ran over to me and cheerfully said "Your reading Peter Pan! It's my favourite book! Although, I must admit, you looked kinda dumb when I first saw you..." She laughed at my horrified expression.
        "Hey Lake!" Alex called. "It's no use talking to one of the three." She spun around.
        "The three most popular girls in the school, Maya, Madeline and Myra. They hate people smarter then them." He informed her matter o factly.
        Heat ran to my face a I stood up and argued back. "Hey, miss Bookworm has attention 'cause she's smart huh? So, as you kindly told us, I'm popular, and WAY more then Her. So that means I'm smarter then her!"
        "Actually, it's because she's NEW! And you just date any boy you see." Alex spat back.
        Aiden, the other boy Lake was talking to put his jacket over his head and yelled. "Ahh! Don't let her see me!"
        "STOP IT!!!" Lake screamed. As her scream hit the air, everyone froze. The desks near her started melting as her feet glided up. Her eyes glowed like a fire as her bandana blazed. Flames danced upon her head as her clothes transformed from shaggy to deadly. I wanted to run, but the look in her eyes made me freeze. Desks were a puddle on the floor, the lights flickered out. The sun turn'd black sending us into a dusty night.
        I screamed! My feet were floating up, I saw, out of the corner of my eyes, Alex and Aiden had risen too. Lake looked into my eyes and announced in a voice that sent shivers down my spine.
        "I lied. My name is Lake Newstep, and I'm the daughter of the Devil."
        Then the red glow around her disappeared, the flames were gone, and we were sent into pitch black darkness. We never saw her again, and although she stayed in everyones memory, we never found proof that she actually existed.
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