The mark that binds us- A Fairy Tail fanfic

The mark that binds us- A Fairy Tail fanfic

I can hear them. Faint voices begging, trying to reason me to let them out, to bad. It was their choice. But I am not hear to tell you the present or future, but to tell you the tale of the Woodwind sisters, their foolish choices. Maybe once you hear their story, you will side with me, or perhaps, the idiotic choice, with them. For this journey, I must ignore the four voices, but in advance I will warn you that I might get distracted with their feeble pleas. Now, let us fly back into the past, year 772.

published on March 14, 20159 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Just the side note.

Just the side note.

Please do not read this unless you know what Crime Sorciere is, or else there are many spoilers. This does not go further than the time when you first meet Crime Sorciere, and there will be villains and characters that are original.
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