The Fandom Wars

The Fandom Wars

Sorry, I pretty sure some of you will hate me after reading this, but I tried to write it how it was. The Fandoms in here are Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Divergent and Doctor Who. If you'd like me to make another with different fandoms (like Potal or the Maze Runner) Please say so in the comments! I'd be happy to make another!

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Chapter 1.


Holly Short lifted her Neutrino 2000 as she and Artemis crept silently in the dark corridor. There wasn't really a need to raise her blaster, the hallway streached on for around half a kilometer. At the end was a small, red light.
     A week before, at Police Plaza, she had recieved a letter. Yes, a letter on paper. Paper letters hadn't been sent in four thousand years under the world.
     'Bring Artemis Fowl and come to XXX. Bring no one else, or everyone on, and under the world be die.' Is what the letter read. There was no sender.
    The letter reminded her alot of the letter she and Commander Root had received all those years ago from Opal Koboi. Well, it wasn't all that long ago but still, you get my point.
    Holly had a quick chat with Trouble Kelp and Commender Vinyaya. They agreed she should go, so, she went off to visit Artemis. He agreed imidiatly. For protection, he brought along his modified laser pointer that could melt through six layers of titanium.
    That, is pretty much what had happened up to here.
    "Artemis, you know that this is probably a trap. We most likley won't comeout of her alive." Holly says. Artemis had stopped and was resting aginst the wall.
    "Captain Holly Short, it is definitly a trap. There is a one percent chance that where we're heading is perfectly safe." The Irish boy replied.
    Holly paused and thought for a moment. Into her helmet she spoke "Foaly? Are you there?"
    "Yeah, yeah." Was the reply. Foaly was conected to them through Holly's helmet and the iris cams in Artemis and Holly's eyes.
    Holly and Artemis each had practicly invisible microphones and ear peacies so they could connect to each other at all times.
    "Holly, what were you going to say?" Asked Foaly.
    "Nothing, I was just checking if you were still conected." Was the reply.
    "Hey, Mud Boy, are you rested yet?" Holly asked her companion.
    Artemis nodded and pushed off the wall. "Let's go." He said.

    Soon, they reached the light. It was hanging in front of a black door.
    Artemis and Holly glanced at each other. Holly shrugged and opened the door.
    In side was a circular white room with six couches alined in a circle in the middle. Hey could see three more black doors on the far wall.
    "Foaly? Are you getting this?" Holly asked.
    Silence, there was no reply.
    "Foaly? Foaly? Foaly?!" Holly repeated, trying to keep calm.
    Still, there was only silence.
    "FOALY!!" Holly shouted.
    "Let me guess, the line was severed." Artemsi said. "They said not to bring anyone. Staying in contact with an outsider was probably a minor violation of that rule. Not bad enough to kill anyone though."
    Holly looked down and nodded. "We're on our own here."
    They stood there, looking into the white room.
    "Okay, let's go. Artemis, have no spotted any weapons?" Holly finally asked.
    "I have spotted no weapons, but I have absolutly no idea what could be behind one of those doors." He replied.
    "Then, let's go."
    "Okay." Artemis said, feeling foolish for using such a childish word. He put on his mirrored glasses from the Fowl Seige. A few days ago, he had combined them with the glasses that could see through a fairy sheilding. There was also a poloriod and X-ray setting, but they were a bit blurry.
     The elf and human stepped into the room. The black door they had just come from closed on it's own. Now inside of the room, they could see two more black doors, six in total.
     They froze as the door to their left started to open.
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