Fiction and Nonfiction
Eye of the Swordsman DEMO
The year is 1456, and a mysterious 19 year-old male comes to the peaceful village of Akai Yoake Haitsu. People are just starting to realize that there is something weird about this young man, and no-one is sure, just exactly, w...
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The faceless attacker
It's a fiction story that's based in the 1800's. It's about village that usually don't have much food supplies. So the villagers decide to go out into a forest to see if their is any food to hunt. That's when they discover the ...
113 reads 35 readers 14 by BlueStripedFox
this is about there lifes before the games! enjoyy!! hope u like it!!!!
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Top Girl names- A-Z
These are all of my fave girl names and meanings in alphabetical order!
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The minecraft story
Join Steve in his minecraft adventure on a boat. Part 2 coming soon. Hope you like it!
36 reads 22 readers 1 by BlueStripedFox
Your girls and your boyfriend. Always remember it's sisters before Mr.'s!!!!
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Ghost Campbell: book 3: Sally gets possessed
In book 2, sally kills jessica. In this book, jessica possesses sally and tries to pay her back even more! How will she do this? read and find out. (you should read the books in order, or you might be a little lost.) lol
27 reads 14 readers 2 by Twizlers
Ghost Campbell: book 2: The rise of Sally Campbell
Sally Campbell doesn't expect this, but when she awakes from the dead unexpectedly, she gets even more pay back on her! read and find out how this all occurs...
27 reads 12 readers 3 by Twizlers
Ghost Campbell: book 1: The death of Sally Campbell
Sally Campbell is in the hospital because she got a heart disease. Before she got the disease, she went to high school, and was made fun of often. This heart disease was very deadly, and she is at a 99 % chance of death. This i...
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Louis and I Fanfic
This story is about my life with Louis (from one direction) and my life with him.
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nut's and stars part one
peanuts loves nuts, but one day they are all gone who stole them? is it payback for for getting a special day????
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Soul of the Dragon
This story is about a teen, Parker, who can turn into a fierce dragon whenever he wanted, but nobody knew this. He meets another teen, Kasee, who is just a normal teen and soon becomes his partner for fighting against evil (spi...
16 reads 13 readers 5 by DragonGirl
This Boy At School?
There's A Boy At School That I Think Likes Me I'm New And It's Kida Strange.
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to death do we part- chapter 3~ i do love you!
well tyler, has been kind to katy, smiled at her, kissed, her,now given her a gift,and a....poem? but will that be enogh to steal her broken heart?
16 reads 14 readers 2 by leprechuan24
The Sharringan Demon.
(Warning: This includes characters that are not from the original series!) A few years after The Fourth Great Shinobi War Sasuke realized after killing some beholders of the sharringan, he needed to find a solution to his cravi...
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The Claiming a demigod tale.
Whos my godly parent read to find out. dun dun duh Mom or dad youll find out
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Counties Of Our World: Liechtenstein
Today I'll Be Doing Liechtenstein As Requested By BackToHumans. Remember To Sugest A Country Or Micronation
31 reads 14 readers 6 by Tornado1619
About a teenage girl whos going through the unusal timing and bulliness of un-normal people...
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Countries of Our World: Japan
Hello, I Am Going To Be Starting A Seires (<---- Miss Spelled) This Episode Japan
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Dont Tell: book 1
Be careful around your friends because they could also be your worst enemies. Please follow me and i will also try to put out a story every thurs.
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