Eye Of A Newt (Part 1)

Eye Of A Newt (Part 1)

This story is about a girl called Tatum Sunshine. She is 15, and is half Cantonese and Chinese. She finds out that she is a witch, and finds it hard to cope. Find out what will happen to her, with angry cat fights, fun days out, and crumbling relationships, Tatum is sure in for an interesting time! Please let me know what you think and give me feedback on how to improve, thanks! (Also please note, I came up with this in about 30 minutes!) <3 :D

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1 - Tatum Sunshine <3

Chapter 1 - Tatum Sunshine <3

"Tatum!" Mom called from downstairs. I groaned and flipped over under my duvet. Sliding my legs out of the bed, my feet got a waft of the cold air. Argh! It was FREEZING! Why couldn't we of had a nice, heated house?
"TATUM!" She screamed again. I stamped across the landing muttering under my breath "OKAY Motormouth! I CAN hear you!"

I couldn't believe I'd say such a thing!
While hopping down the stairs, and catching the bottom of my leopard print Wanzie against the wall, mom fumbled out of the kitchen with a distressed look on her face.
"Where have you BEEN?!" She demanded, folding her arms across her bulging chest, so that her shirt bunched at the top.
"Sorry, some of us try to sleep!" I answered, colasping into my chair.
"So what's for breakfast?" I asked curiously, while pulling the hood down on my suit.
Mom drummed her perfectly manicured fingers against her new DKNY belt.
"Left over chips from the chippy kitchen?"
My mom runs a chippy, as you've mostly likely already guessed.  When we moved in, our house was so big that we decided to use the second kitchen for a chippy.
I'm half Chinese and Cantonese, so I'm  already a pro at heating up chips and re placing the curry cups.
Mom crept into the room with a bowl of cold chips, and I almost had a heart attack.
"What's the pink stuff on them?" I gasped, edging away from the revolting snack.
The chips were smothered in little pink crumbs, and they did not at all look tasty.
"Pig. It helps preserve them!" She announced, as if she'd come up with the theory herself.
"No, mom, you only do that with steak or meat." I explained, pushing the bowl closer to her.
I watched in disgust as she ate every single little piece, and then I dashed upstairs to get changed.
I slipped into my skinny jeans, of course. Hardly anything else fits me. It's either too big or looks too slinky.
So I had a choice of a yellow shirt with a dancing starfish on it, or a Tickle-Me-Elmo tank top.
Yeah, I went with the starfish.
I threw my bag over my shoulder, and it almost crushed me!
I've always been small, I'm only 150 cm.
I raced downstairs, careful not to fall down along the way.
"Where are you going?" Mom asked suspiciously, before I could even step out of the front door.
She held a pop tart in one hand, with a stern look on her face, but I just couldn't take her seriously.
"Got to go, I'll eat on the way to school." I replied, snatching the pop tart out of her hand and slamming the front door shut behind me.
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Awesome!! Don't stop now!
on April 09, 2015