the life of tim green

the life of tim green

its the life of tim green hes nice and cool but they cant find his murder er

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Chapter 1.

tim is born

the day tim was born 2057 july 5 everything is the same like it is today no new ipods no new computers tim was so cute when they went to the play ground everybody went up to him even the dogs tim was a smart baby he knew 2+2 he knew 10x10 his parents loved him more than 17 kids that they all made the kids where mad because the parents loved him more they where homeschooled so during school the kids where talking about tim saying im going to hurt tim im going to take off his legs just stupid stuff they had a huge rv the parents where gone for 5 hours so the kids took the rv and tim was in there they throw tim in a lake but he can swim they was happy they left and then tim was walking home somebody shot him so then he died the parents came home and said wheres tim the older kid said we took the rv we went to go get something to eat so then somebody had a gun and said wheres the money and there was 20 other guys and they said give us all the money the kids where upset after they lost him except the younger kid all the kids where crying so then the parents tried to calm down so then they went to the lake and found tim he had a big bullet shot in his little head he was dead they called police and said we found are lost son so there trying to find the muder er.
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