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Creepypasta x reader (2)
You had gone through stuff that was really messed up you dad was abusing you your mom took drugs and nuggets you all the time and your brothers friend raped you and on top of that you smoked You were going to end it all by slee...
18 reads 16 readers 0 by tans_daddy_SaNs_da_meme
Lost Girl ///( E.J X Reader )///
Hey guy's, this is my first time being here and not only that, but this is my first story! So I hope you guy's will enjoy the story and wish for the best!
194 reads 36 readers 9 by annagibbs2003
Grace Maple
Grace's life is turned upside down as she moves to Hogwarts in her sixth year. How many boys will fall head over heels for her? Will she be able to share her dark secrets?
12 reads 4 readers 3 by Livvi1256
I Won't
Sequel to I Can't. Dylan is back. Lucy is being threatened. What will she do?
69 reads 29 readers 18 by kittenswag
Jeff The Killer (love story)
Here is a Love story about Jeff The Killer. If you could please rate it and/or follow me
1177 reads 143 readers 19 by DanosaurPhilion
Sorry i haven't written anything in a while... so i decided to continue the story Lonely. hope you enjoy the next part!
12 reads 8 readers 1 by gedmonds55
BASED OFF A TRUE STORY: These's this girl, she's a lonely girl who keeps to herself. she has no friends because of her past. Every day she gets bullied. one day the popular boy in school sees her getting bullied and steps in to...
30 reads 14 readers 4 by gedmonds55
Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 5)
Sorry i haven't written more, i have think that this one will be the last one of the series so hope you enjoy the last one. I sort of rushed it but i hope it's okay.
93 reads 22 readers 6 by gedmonds55
Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 4)
(part 4) of my Jeff The Killer Love Story series and I am happy to announce I will be continuing it for a bit. please comment if you would like it to be continued.
83 reads 22 readers 5 by gedmonds55
Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 3)
Another part of the story, if yous want me to continue different parts of the story please leave a comment. There is part one and two if anyone would like to read or get up to date. And I'm open for suggestions.
94 reads 18 readers 6 by gedmonds55
Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 2)
I have decided to continue with this story and put in parts on though to the end. so if you want to read the first part it's called (Jeff The Killer Love Story).
95 reads 20 readers 2 by gedmonds55
Leave me Alone (1)
I opened the door to my apartment to find hundreds of roses. I knew they were from him. He had found me.
42 reads 16 readers 7 by The_Mad_Hatress
Elise Akito was new to Adeki high. To Tokyo. To falling in love. Sesa was the nicest guy in Tokyo. The only problem was a crazy girl wanting to make him hers.
51 reads 15 readers 40 by xXEmo_KingXx
Heartbeat (Ticci Toby x Reader)
Just a regular day at school until it wasn't. A new boy comes by and you fall for him but, what happens when you find out who he really is and what you really are?
63 reads 15 readers 5 by pure_truth16
Jeff the Killer
Jane sees a fight with the school bully and the new guy fight. After a while things get a little too strange. what will happen to Jane?
64 reads 24 readers 1 by Lucy_Heartfilia
Truth or dare
Jasper was dared by his friends to ask out Luna who had always had a chrush on him. Jasper starts falling in love with Luna as well but when luna finds out that it was a dare problems arise.
78 reads 15 readers 3 by Broken_soul
Dear Diary, I think I may have fallen for an EMO
Juliet is the cheer captain and " it" girl of Verington High School. She's always been ignored by her family and uses her social status at school to fill in that gap in her life. Her friends are most of the time annoying and th...
224 reads 27 readers 9 by XxChristoferDrewsWifexX