Dear Diary, I think I may have fallen for an EMO

Dear Diary, I think I may have fallen for an EMO

Juliet is the cheer captain and " it" girl of Verington High School. She's always been ignored by her family and uses her social status at school to fill in that gap in her life. Her friends are most of the time annoying and the only thing they really talk about is Sex. She's the only one there with the same amount of experience as a wall which means she sticks out like a pigeon in a pack of Hyaenas.thankfully they all find that " cute" and " respectable" about her. Drew is your typical Reject. He's used to being called emo so he doesn't bother correcting the true definition anymore. Some people think he's a man wh*re who players with girls hearts but that's not the case.

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Chapter 1.

the not so great of a day.

CHAPTER 1 - The not so great of a day.

Dear Diary,
It kinda hurts that everyone thinks I'm a wh*re but whateves.
I think if I just work a little harder I can get Chad to fall for me, and my wickedly good charm.
What do you think diary?
I have told you repeatedly about him so you must have opinion.
My friend Heather was hitting on him again today.
She started doing that after I told her I was into him but.... That's what friends do, right?
It's not like I'll get a reapply from you so.... Sigh, your just a stupid book anyway.
It's not like you can help....
Unless I just call you Chad...
That's it!
Dear chad,
It kinda hurts that....
Okay this is stupid.... We'll ima get my Beaty sleep now k.
Love your owner
Juliet :P

I put my pink feather pen down and slammed the diary shut.
This so didn't work.
I just needed some fresh air.
I put my slippers on and went down stairs to sit on the front porch.
I didn't really care that I was in my nighty, I was considered the school wh*re anyways.
Michael just had to go around spreading those rumors because I turned him down.
He even got the whole football team to go along with it.
I mean hello I'm still a virgin dickface.
I sat outside in the chilly air for a few minutes.
I finally started to calm down until I heard someone whistle.
I looked up to see some freaks walking bye my porch checking me out.
Just f**king great
I was in a bad mood again all because they walked up.
They all started to laugh and point in my direction.
Except one.
He rolled his eyes and shoved them away and just kept walking.
The other freaks walked with him but one said something loud enough even people in Asia could hear.
" common Drew! You gotta admit that she's hot at least, I mean how could you be straight if you didn't.?"
They guy called Drew just mumbled something and walked off with the other four guys tailing behind him.
They where losers anyways.
I mean hello?
Who could listen to that screaming and call it music?
Not only that but they always wore creepy shirts that gave people nightmares.
I mean ugh.

( no offense intended I <3 post hardcore music!)

I went back inside and jumped into bed.
I thought about today really hard

( flashback of earlier at school)

" omg Juliet, look at Heath, isn't he like so howt?"
Giggled Kristy my second BFF.
" umm not really, we'll yeah he is hot but I prefer I guy like Chad." I sighed.
Chad was so sweet and dreamy.
" omg Juliet, Michael is coming over here! Do I look okay?" She practically squealed when she asked.
" hey sexy ladies" he said checking me out.
I rolled my eyes
" sorry Michael but I'm shurr Kristy is more of your type then I am besides, I'm not into you, remember?"
Michael looked super pissed then walked away.
Whatever ass.
" aww you didn't have to do that Juliet"
" kristy what are friends for?"
We both giggled at that and walked away to Art.
We sat down and began chatting with Brittany and Becca.
When the bell rang we sat in our destined seats.
I looked over at my partner.
He was one of the freaks in the school.
I never really paid much attention to him so I wouldn't start now.
After the teacher gave us instructions and handed us the material I.... Tried to get to work.
" ummmmmm hey you, am I like suppose to touch this mushy stuff?" I asked my partner who was for some wierd reason slamming the clay on the table
Wow someone has anger issues.
" what do you think Einstein? " he grumbled.
What an ass
I picked up the clay and started mushing it between my fingers.
" umm why are you slamming the... Clay thingy on the table?"
" to get the air bubbles out, I don't want it to explode when it goes into the celm."
" the what?"
He sighed then started speaking in a squeaky girly voice and twiddled his fingers like a moron.
" I like don't wanna ruin my clay thingy when I like, put it in the like super duper hot oven thingy, you know, cuz that would like suck!"
I started laughing.
I knew he was trying to insult me but whatever,
His impression of me was hilarious.
He gave me a confused look and I just rolled my eyes.
I began to copy him with the whole slam the mush onto the table until the bell rang.

I went through the day chatting with the other cheerleaders until the end of the day
" o my gosh Juliet is it like true?" Asked Hannah.
" is what true?"
" the rumor that you have sleeper with every guy in this school except the freaks?"
What the hell is going on?
I looked around and saw Michael and his jock friends snickering at me.
Great they started it cuz I turned him down.
( flash back ended)

I started to cry thinking about what would happen tomorrow.
I finally drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
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on May 24, 2019
This story is way to good.
on May 24, 2019
Oh my fffffff

I remember when i wrote this story and it sucks so much ahhhhh why do you people like it?
on March 08, 2016
Can u make Juliet turn emo?
on December 04, 2015
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Thanks :3 and sorry about all the cussing lol
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