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The Real Meaning Behind Nursery Rhymes
Remember going around with your friends singing those cute, giggle worthy nursery rhymes? After reading this you will soon relies that your innocent child play, was singing to morbid, or even sickening tails of murder, death, a...
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Dear Diary, I Love Them Both
Juliet is in a great relationship with her boyfriend Daniel. She's now friends with her enemy Jenny, and everyone knows her as the "it" girl who broke the laws of high school. No more jocks, preps, emos, hipsters, nerds, and ge...
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Dear Diary, I think I may have fallen for an EMO
Juliet is the cheer captain and " it" girl of Verington High School. She's always been ignored by her family and uses her social status at school to fill in that gap in her life. Her friends are most of the time annoying and th...
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Lucy is a insane 16 year old girl who hates were she is. so she gets and idea. she escapes the mental home called Helping Hand and runs into a annoying, bad temperd bad boy named Ian. they travel together as "Friends" until she...
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tell me how
this is a poem tht i wrote when i thought i new everything abot love but i relized that love is still a mistery and all the corners and paths will never be discoverd.
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The Red Snow
Once there was a town in the middle of know where. In thi town on the sixth day of the sixth month for six weeks the fountain in town square would turn on. That was when it was believed the nightmare came out to hunt. Kami, is ...
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