Sorry i haven't written anything in a while... so i decided to continue the story Lonely. hope you enjoy the next part!

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Chapter 1.

My Secret Spot

It's been a couple of days since the bullying started physically. Everyday during the brakes i would go around at the back of the old buildings, i would usually eat lunch and study around there until today i had something else to focus on... a cat, a young stray that was abundant in a box. I gave it the meat that was in my lunch and sat there until the bell, then i'll leave. This continued everyday, it was the only this i looked forward too.
I went to class as usual and sit at the back getting hit with rubbish. After that class i went to my locker, 'can you meet me by the back building at lunch? ' a note said that fell from inside my locker. i was curious about who had put the note there, my first thought was those girls. 'the bullies'.

'I haven't talked to anyone lately so who could be wanting to talk to me'? i told myself. The bell went for lunch and i was on my way to the back buildings, i was getting more nervous as i got close. As i got there it was what i had thought but kept declining. The girls. I turned away quickly and started to head off until one of the girls Sam come around the corner on pushed me into Clare, then Clare pushed me on the ground. they didn't say anything. But all i new is that i was getting angry. i got up and punched Clare in the face, then Sam come at me and grabbed me by the hair, so i elbowed her in the stomach, but the Clare grabbed me as Sam punched and kicked me until i was coughing blood, they dropped me and left. I lay there for a while and get up, i lift my top to be able to see my stomach, i knew right away it was bue
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