Heartbeat (Ticci Toby x Reader)

Heartbeat (Ticci Toby x Reader)

Just a regular day at school until it wasn't. A new boy comes by and you fall for him but, what happens when you find out who he really is and what you really are?

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Chapter 1.

Strange New Boy

Reader's POV
"Ugh I didn't do that assignment, Barrera's gonna kill me." It's Friday and it's supposed to be a good day why does this have to happen to me
" Hey chill (y/n) just copy off mine."
"Thanks (f/n) you're a lifesaver."
" It's nothing but why didn't you do the work I mean you're like the future valedictorian."
" I had to go and do some family stuff."
" Then why didn't you bring it with you to work on it like a smart person?"
" Really after you said I'm like the future valedictorian?" (f/n) laughed her head off as we went over to take our seats. Why can't something exciting happen today? I want some adventure to come or something.

As we wait for Mr. Mushy to come and give us our test for being such baddies yesterday, I felt a burning sensation on my left wrist. It felt as if a fire was on my wrist. It really didn't bother me that much because well I've been through worse in my life.
"(y/n) hello"
"Oh uh yeah?"
"Dude you spaced out. Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"Okay good because here's the test."
I sigh as I opened up the test and began to question one.
"Let's get ready to die," I muttered.


" Time to go to the other boring and stupid class ever in life guys!" My friends laughed at my joke. Sometimes being funny is what I'm good at even though I also find sadness funny too. My parents think I have been emotionally destroyed. Anyways as we walked into Barrera's room and sat down at our desks. After doing our warm-up we heard a knock on the door. I didn't put much attention but once I heard some of the girls whispering "What a freak" I turned around. I saw a boy with a brown hoodie gray jeans a with black gloves. Woah not what I expected to happen.

Toby's POV

" Hey give it back it's mine"
"NO, it's mine Clockwork"
"No, it isn't Jane!"
Why does everyone have to yell at each other early in the morning?
"Hey sh-hut up I'm trying to sl-l-eep."
"No one gives about you and your beauty sleep Toby!"
I growled I knew exactly who was talking. It was Jeff. I went to open up my door and walked out. I just want some silence but in this house, no one really cares about what you want.  As I walked I saw Slenderman the boss.
"You're up early s-sir."
"I have a task for you to do."
"What is it?"
"A new recruit"
" (c/n), (s/n)"
"Huh, not that far I'll le-a-ave first thing tonight."
"Actually, I need you to leave right now."
"What do you mean right now?"
" I enrolled you to go to the high school that she goes to."
I stood frozen. High school of all places. This is not a morning I wanted to wake up to.
" Why don't I just go over and fe-etch while she is at her house I mean-n isn't that easier?"
" It is simple but I need you to investigate how she is."
" Then send BEN he can spy on her on anything."
"I did he's investigating her information online."
" So why do I have to go?"
" Because she's one of those secretive types of people and she is much like you just minus all the disorders.
" Fi-ine just take there befo-ore I kill Jeff for waking me up."
"Alright let's go."
"To hell." Never liked high school and don't think I will ever do.


He left on the curb of the school and left me. I walked toward the building to office and got to my class.  I tried to see if I can't sense her but I couldn't until we went up to a science class. Once I walked in I already heard what the "popular kids" had said. Freak. This is why I hate high school. People are so flippin' rude and careless.
I scanned the room to see if I can spot the new recruit but all I could was just sense her. Once the Procter left me there that's when the teacher talked once again.
"Hello and welcome to (s/n), I'm Mr. Barrea."
" He-y."
"Okay, now would you please sit down next to (y/n) please."
The girl named (y/n) raised her hand and I went towards her. Once I sat down next to her I instantly knew that she was the new recruit.  Twenty minutes passed and we sat still. She seems normal why is the one?

Reader's POV
Why is he sitting next to me? Why? Gosh Mister B. I didn't know you hated me that much. Is he staring at me I think he's staring at me. Oh, my goodness. Why am I thinking about this so much? It's not like I like him or something. Or do I? Ugh, I hate myself. Don't get tempted into liking someone again (y/n) it didn't end well last time.
"Umm, (y-y/n)"
I blinked and looked at the boy.
"Class ended time for lunch."
Did I just really space out and miss the lesson? Great job.
"Oh, uh thanks..."
"To-oby, Toby Rogers."
"Toby" I chuckled a bit and gathered my stuff.
"Can you sho-ow me the lunch area I don't really know where it is."
"Oh sure and do you want to sit with me and my friends?"
"Sure th-hanks." Wait, what in the world did I just do?
" Okay, Toby let's go."
The walk was so awkward but good thing the school was small so that we would spare the silence.
"Okay, here we are," I said as I opened the door. We walked toward the table that I usually go to hang out with my friends. Once we were there they looked at me and smiled but out soon faded once they saw Toby.
"Hi," he said. I could tell he was a bit nervous.
I could feel everyone at the tables staring at us but I didn't know why. I mean who would want to pay attention to us? Anyways we sat down and then everyone started talking like I just didn't invite a random person to sit with us.
"So what school are you coming from Toby?" I asked.
"Home sch-ooled."
"Oh, why you didn't like public schools or your parents wanted?"
" I chose to be homeschooled because of my tics."
"Ah, well you can be yourself here with us I mean we don't really mind."
" Yeah, I guess (y/n)."


The whole day was such a blur and once I got home no one was there. I looked around called anyone's name until I found a note on the fridge.
"(y/n)," I read aloud," We had to go to your (s/n) tour of dance so we won't be there for a whole two weeks. We left some money and food here for you. Love, Mom and Dad <3."
Great by myself. Wait I'm by myself for two weeks. YAY! I got my phone out and called my (f/n)
"(f/n) let's throw a party."

Author's Note:
Hey, listen I'm new to this so sorry if you don't like this story but hey I'll be posting other stories some short and some long. Okay? So please if you like this comment and give me some feedback. Luv you all and stay weird <3.
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