Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer

Jane sees a fight with the school bully and the new guy fight. After a while things get a little too strange. what will happen to Jane?

published on June 15, 2016112 reads 38 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

The guy next door

My name is Jane. I have black hair longer to my shoulders. But they are not long enough to be touching my butt. I wear eyeliner, usually which goes really great with my mascara. I have tan skin, too. I heard a guy name Jeff moved in by the apartment a few days ago. He had a brother named Liu, too. The family seems nice but typical. The house was cheap, too. So I knew that was going to be sold quickly. Jeff and Liu look the same, to me. They have the same eyes, nose, and mouth. But Jeff has a darker tone of hair than Liu.
One day before school, I saw "The Bully" Roger jump in front of Jeff. It was a peaceful day, and Roger was going to make it worse.  His friends, Troby, and Keith were so rude. They would grab guns and shoot if nobody gave them "their" money. Jeff punched Roger in the face and literally made him fall to the hard floor! I screamed. I rolled up my window, and yelled, "ROGER YOU BETTER STOP!"
Roger did not give a crap. Roger and his little "gang" decided to run off. Jeff walked to school, with maybe a little black eye. And a few bad scratches on his legs. I felt so bad... I know Roger will come back... He just will...
Even in class, I knew Jeff was impressed in himself. All he did was smile. Smile so big, you couldn't even think of him without a smile... I was so creeped out.....
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Comments (2)

OMGGGGGG this i like this but anyway good luck(igz)
on October 13, 2020
Hah! Good luck with hunting him! Probs never gonna kill him anyways..
on August 03, 2017