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Aphmau ships
Ship #travlyn ship #aarmau ship #laurcinda #gardenza SHIP IT ALL! *^* #shipitall
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Fire & Steel
Vincent is quite not the "life" of the party. Although he thinks so. He is dangerous to kids. He already got away with over five kids. Police need to stop this. And stop this earlier before there's no more kids in the neighbor ...
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Brandy (FNaF)
Ever watch those videos by Purple Guy? Well I made a story for you to enjoy then. I noticed this was popular on other apps maybe just not as much on QFeast. But I bet some of you would have interest. Plus art NOT by me. (WARNIN...
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FNaF songs! (1)
If I didn't sang one you like, comment below please! I will search up the lyrics and place them down.
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Tanktops and skirts or dresses?
Alphamau the series. I am starting my own new Aphmau series but of the children of the charaters. Comment below if you want your story published.
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It's been so long.
Ever heard one of the most populaur FNaF song, It's Been So Long? This is the story version I made for all of you! Please enjoy, and comment on your opinion on it.
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Turning into a neko
Sammy Kat is a normal casual girl, but as she begins to grow into her age sixteen things get more rough. More bullies, less friends, and secrets come out. She wakes up one morning and find not human-like ears on her head. What ...
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Eyeless Jack (1)
Mitch tries to fall asleep at his brother's house. But he falls asleep. When his brother sees him, he gasps and drops his coffee cup what happened?
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The victim (My OTPs from Creepypasta)
Calista is a little girl just 9 starting to get haunted by Slenderman. As she grows up, she decides to become a Cop but in her future... That's defiantly not who she is going to be.
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Sally (1)
Sally and her two friends have a wonderful day. Even with Uncle Johny. But things get worse when Johny shows himself. The family gets shortened. What happened? What did HE do?
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Ticci Toby
Toby is a boy who sees things not so good. He sees a slender looking man. No face, and pure pale. What does he do this next day? Will he EVER give up?
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Smile Dog
Pass the word. To your friends, family, and enemies. Everyone you know.
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Ben is spoiled rotton because his parents buy every single Legend of Zelda game. But he is not spoiled. What is his little secret?
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Nikki is not a normal girl. She gets abused by family and rich girls. She finally decides to get revenge on all with her little friend, TicciToby. Want to know their adventure? Read this story, now!
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Jeff the Killer
Jane sees a fight with the school bully and the new guy fight. After a while things get a little too strange. what will happen to Jane?
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Travis x Katelyn
This is a story based off of the Aphmau Series. (If you do not know what Aphmau is, you may search it up on Yahoo, or YouTube) Travis is a flirty guy, who would do ANYTHING for Katelyn... As for Katelyn, she does not feel the s...
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Aphmau & Friends
Like watching YouTube? Do you like watching weird stuff? Well, Aphmau is the most perfect thing for YOU! (Besides from Markipliar and Jacksepticeye) This is a really weird story, though. So that's my warning.
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Kawaii Chan's dairy
My name is Kawaii~Chan. I love to fangirl, ship people (mostly Aarmau), and even fangirl over... "Him". Ahh, gawd, got to go!
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Like Aphmau and friends? Ship things? Like reading, or watching youtube? Good luck for you then, 'cause we got SUPER funny+comedy in this story! Warning, this is to be funny. Not my ships. (Half ideas by my friend)
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The Love Potion
Happy: This story is about Juvia loving Gray, and has a love potion by this really weird man! He turns out to fool her, and the potion really means argue to the death! Juvia tries over and over again, but everybody gets by the ...
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