It's been so long.

It's been so long.

Ever heard one of the most populaur FNaF song, It's Been So Long? This is the story version I made for all of you! Please enjoy, and comment on your opinion on it.

published on June 23, 201612 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
The phone

The phone

I was on the phone, talking to this weird man. "Watch the future." He said.
"Watch it? I am!" I complained.
"Seems like you're not. As I see, you're not watching your son." I looked down to look at him, Charlie wasn't there.
I cried. "You!! This was you!" I cried into the phone. I hanged up, wondering how he knew.
This was some strange stalker! I cried saying, "Charlie! Come out!" I looked around.
I looked up, and saw a big pizzeria Charlie always wanted to go to. "Um... This must be the place he is hiding at.." I told myself.
I ran inside. The doors made a big slam. I looked inside, and saw no animontronics on the stage. I slowly cried.
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