Fire & Steel

Fire & Steel

Vincent is quite not the "life" of the party. Although he thinks so. He is dangerous to kids. He already got away with over five kids. Police need to stop this. And stop this earlier before there's no more kids in the neighbor hood.

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Chapter 1.
The children

The children

"Huh? What is this?" Asked Bonnie, looking at her hands in total confusion.
Freddy turned to Bonnie. "W-what's up with your voice?" He asked, lifting one eye brow. He frowned.
"You're right, ye lad... And why do I sound l-l-like some pirate?" Foxy asked, peeking out of Kid's cove. His ears twitched.
Chica frowned. "Come on... This is a dream! Right?" She asked.
Bonnie shook her head. "Of course not.." She slowly said.
Golden Freddy turned his head around the corner. "Huh? FREDERICK? BRANDY? OLIVE? BART?" He yelled, all alone in the dump.
Freddy's ear turned. "I heard something." Freddy slowly walked forward. "Where's Alfred...?" He asked.
He ran outside. "Alfred..." He asked.
Everyone screamed at Freddy and ran into their cars or home. "Huh... Al-al-fred?" Yelled Freddy crying for his brother.
Alfred appeared by his side, without Freddy even knowing. "Why are you calling my name animontronic?" He asked.
Freddy frowned. "I am Frederick... And you aren't Alfred!" He said.
Alfred smiled and leaned his head forward. His head was not seen. "Well, are you sure.. Freddy?" He asked.
Freddy smiled. "Well OF COURSE! Hear my fabulous singing. Lalalalalala!" He sang terribly.
Golden Freddy nodded. "Sure enough, you are Frederick..." He slowly rolled his eyes.
"Best singer, EVER!" bragged Freddy, placing his hand on his heart. He smirked at Alfred.
"Are you STILL not so sure I am not Alfred?"
"Nah. You are Alfred. Let's go, bud." Freddy held onto his back and walked in singing with him. His voice shrieked as so many people told him to shut up out of their window.
Freddy ignored and continued to sing his notes. "Please just stop..." Golden Freddy begged.
"Oh my, Alfred? Who ARE you? I never seen a animontronic like you.. Where did you come from?" Asked Brandy.
"I'm not sure... But for some reason," Alfred looked at his suit. "It reminds me of our old friend.. Kenny.." He slowly said.
Brandy looked away. "Don't remind me of him, again... Alfred.. Don't you remember what happened to him! He died!" She said.
Oliv looked down. "Right..."
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