Ben is spoiled rotton because his parents buy every single Legend of Zelda game. But he is not spoiled. What is his little secret?

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Chapter 1.

Ben on the outside.

Today was the first day of school. I cannot wait to hear, "Why are you so dirty and hurt?" or "Why do you have so many scars?" from people with great parents.
I hate lying and saying, "Falling from the play structure." or "I fell like ten times really badly on my way to school." I wish I could tell everyone my secret. Just scream it to the world. But my parents would really murder me. Not in a catchy way in a real crime scene way.
I just want to run away... But my parents would call 911 and act like they love me so much and would do anything to have me. But all they do is treat me like a slave. A real one. They think I am their doll they can do with and never get away with it. I wish they would though.... It would be better to let me just play Legend of Zelda all day. Or even buy  whatever I want when I want it.
On the outside everyone thinks I am spoiled and want to be me. But they really don't want to. Everyone would think I am lying and want what I want. But I just don't! I wish they'd understand my life...
Who I truly belong to. And what I have to do when I am around my parents alone...
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