Nikki is not a normal girl. She gets abused by family and rich girls. She finally decides to get revenge on all with her little friend, TicciToby. Want to know their adventure? Read this story, now!

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Chapter 1.

The life.

My name is Nikki. I am fifteen years old. But error I do have one problem. I suck at school and my parents abuse me for that. I do not have the perfect life as I wish for... But most people are like me.... In some ways... Like they are not rich, they don't get what they want, not a lot of friends, either.
Just my one wish I want is to be insanely popular. But no. That won't happen and I am okay with that. Okay though. I have bigger problems to worry about. Like maybe trying to get my homework done? Eh, I actually stare at the clock until the next day hoping that the morning will save me from boredom. I know for a fact I hate homework and rather kill myself than do it.
I don't care if it makes you "smarter" and being "smarter is important and makes life easier." But like I said I don't care. And I am sure that my teacher just wants you to die from boredom.
"class we are going to do a easy assessment today. Explain yourself in one word. Then explain in many words why you are that 'word'. This is a assessment called, 'word'."
Easy! Bored. Why? Cause you make us do stupid things we've learned in Kindergarden and hard math Pop Tests that we never even studied yet. Who needs to do that?
Anyways, lately I've been hanging out with my friend Toby. He seems really nice but a little bit annoying. Not to be rude. He loves waffles so much. I mentioned it and he ran all around the track saying "I love waffles!" I kind of giggled 'cause it was funny. When he came back he was panting so hard. He smiled, softly. "hey, I am back Nikki." he said.
"oh hey, Toby. What was that about?" I asked.
"waffles, because you were talking about you and you baking them for your parents a few days ago." Toby explained.
"oh," I began to understood. "well, they force me to do things they want and I don't want...." I rubbed my arm and sat on a bench.
Toby sat by me. "are you okay?" he asked.
I nodded, fakely. I turned my head away from the ground to the other side of the school. I saw Carla the rich girl wave her blond curls in the windy air. Her pink expensive dress fly. Her high heels click every time they stepped. Her giggle as when one of her friends made a joke. I wish I had that life. Instead I wore a white old crappy tank top bigger than my size. It was the only one left in stock. And a blue jacket that was my mom's when she was younger. She only wore it once and threw into a muddy dump which her sister found and gave to me.
"um, Nik? You okay?" Asked Toby.
"maybe, Toby." I replied with a sigh. I looked down to the ground. Could my life get any worse? All I got is moldy clothes and Toby.
I leaned my head on his shoulder and tried not to cry. I couldn't.
Toby blushed and smiled. He patted my head.
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Comments (3)

awespme story!
on January 20
Am I the only one who thinks Clockwork is kind of like a mary-sue? I mean, she has a tragic backstory, she's friends with Toby... And then out of nowhere, she wants to become a killer... Honestly.
on June 28, 2016
i liked the first two chapters.
on June 24, 2016